IBM Acorn Computer from 1981 with "technology is the answer, but what was the question"

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We’ve been using Mastodon for some time now and we found some awesome creative people there, eager to collaborate. One such person is @jarwski whose tagline is "Anarchist Watercolor and Acrylic artist. I paint the machines i see and sometimes things that are important to me. I love to paint Tech"

We got in touch with Mona when she publicly asked for photos of tech equipment, for her to paint with #watercolour

We sent Mona some photos of the machines we use in our live visuals shows, and this is the outcome.

#art #video #MastoArt #videoart #watercolor #sketch #TraditionalArt #tech #women

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Makita 18 Volt LXT Lithium-ion cordless Jigsaw painted in psychiatrie with watercolor for children.

call for reference pictures: I am looking for photos of woman with their computers (explicitly including trans woman of course).You can show yourselves in any position and with your own background. I paint the photos afterwards in watercolors or acrylic. I would like to examine the relationship of women to their technology in a cyberfeminist approach.

picture:robotron pc watercolor

A collage i did today with glitch effekt :) i wanted to do something with the topic -woman and tech

Call for reference pictures! Dear Mastodon community,
i need pictures of Tech for reference in acrylic and watercolor. Please send me your mp3-player, phones, microwaves, working tools, machines whatever tech you have in your life. I would love to paint this.

A song i did with LMMS and Audacity with a short animation i did with opentoonz. 

And today on your radio: nothing!

I am in a psychiatric institution , where you learn above all to be silent in front of the system. This painting was produced under several neuroleptics, but the Haloperidol keeps me realy from painting.

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