And today on your radio: nothing!

I am in a psychiatric institution , where you learn above all to be silent in front of the system. This painting was produced under several neuroleptics, but the Haloperidol keeps me realy from painting.

Found and painted this SKR 700 in watercolor on non-watercolor paper. Cassette recorder from the GDR produktion company VEB Kombinat Sternradio from 1984 to 1989. I spoke with its owner and it works perfektly fine.
wikip: Radio LW, KW, MW, VKW - 87,5 to 108 MHz

Watercolor painting of a camera in front of a mental institution, on nonwatercolor paper. When i see too much surveillance i think of the Text "panopticons then and now" on

I found this casio watch yesterday and took a pictures. Casio C OA 100D 1AVEF in watercolor on nonwatercolor Paper.


Clubtelefon 5 payphone from Telekom AG in watercolor. Released 1995 for non public spaces. ( Like mental institutions)

ATM in front of the trainstation in Bologna with Graffiti. I think it has the Coronavirus or capitalism, not sure.

Modell: unknown

Found this smart(hackable) washing machine in a flat in Bologna today. Candy-smarttouch 41044382. It comes with a dreadful simply-Fy App on g#€€le-play and App Store. Watercolor.

That is the construction site radio that we use in the barn in watercolor. Works with batteries from cordless Driver.
Makita DMR107
7,2V -18V

That's my Sony Ericsson K770i in watercolor.

He just never broke! I know how to repair it and it makes this terrible photos i love that much. I transfer them via Bluetooth.

Portrait of Johanna Dohnal. Maybe not an anarchist but a highly interesting feminist - the first feminist in a european gouvernement. I did not know anything about her before i came to Austria. She always fought for woman's rights and did not change the subject with the career as todays ministers do.

just made my talk-submission to easterhegg2020 - will see.

"the art of not having an art-instagram"

Today - hike to the Wöllaner Nock (2145m) with a view on the Julian Alps. During the hike I kept thinking of the songs from the demos in France ("Macron nous fait la guerre et sa police aussi ..."). xD
To be able to paint on 2000 m watercolors with the sun - guess life is not too bad after all (apart from the climate catastrophe, social injustice, prisons / psychiatric institutions, capitalism, refugees, racism and sexism).

Machinestories: Not many laptops around,so I paint the machines I use: tractor Lindner 1600 TURBO N/A (i think it's this)

Because we work with tools all day , I wonder constantly where a tool ends and technology begins. Such a pitchfork is still incredibly practical.

Human with 51014 ast Lenovo Yoga
Leipzig Eisenbahnstrasse

On my trip I make paintings of machines I bump into. I want to make them visible and show what i see , walking around in this strange world. Here is a phone Box from Telecom in Leipzig Germany.

Model: unknown
Year: unknown
Manufacturer: unknown

Let me know if you have some information for me about it.

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