Found and painted this SKR 700 in watercolor on non-watercolor paper. Cassette recorder from the GDR produktion company VEB Kombinat Sternradio from 1984 to 1989. I spoke with its owner and it works perfektly fine.
wikip: Radio LW, KW, MW, VKW - 87,5 to 108 MHz

Watercolor painting of a camera in front of a mental institution, on nonwatercolor paper. When i see too much surveillance i think of the Text "panopticons then and now" on

I found this casio watch yesterday and took a pictures. Casio C OA 100D 1AVEF in watercolor on nonwatercolor Paper.


Clubtelefon 5 payphone from Telekom AG in watercolor. Released 1995 for non public spaces. ( Like mental institutions)

ATM in front of the trainstation in Bologna with Graffiti. I think it has the Coronavirus or capitalism, not sure.

Modell: unknown

Found this smart(hackable) washing machine in a flat in Bologna today. Candy-smarttouch 41044382. It comes with a dreadful simply-Fy App on g#€€le-play and App Store. Watercolor.

That is the construction site radio that we use in the barn in watercolor. Works with batteries from cordless Driver.
Makita DMR107
7,2V -18V

That's my Sony Ericsson K770i in watercolor.

He just never broke! I know how to repair it and it makes this terrible photos i love that much. I transfer them via Bluetooth.

Portrait of Johanna Dohnal. Maybe not an anarchist but a highly interesting feminist - the first feminist in a european gouvernement. I did not know anything about her before i came to Austria. She always fought for woman's rights and did not change the subject with the career as todays ministers do.

just made my talk-submission to easterhegg2020 - will see.

"the art of not having an art-instagram"

Today - hike to the Wöllaner Nock (2145m) with a view on the Julian Alps. During the hike I kept thinking of the songs from the demos in France ("Macron nous fait la guerre et sa police aussi ..."). xD
To be able to paint on 2000 m watercolors with the sun - guess life is not too bad after all (apart from the climate catastrophe, social injustice, prisons / psychiatric institutions, capitalism, refugees, racism and sexism).

Machinestories: Not many laptops around,so I paint the machines I use: tractor Lindner 1600 TURBO N/A (i think it's this)

Because we work with tools all day , I wonder constantly where a tool ends and technology begins. Such a pitchfork is still incredibly practical.

Human with 51014 ast Lenovo Yoga
Leipzig Eisenbahnstrasse

On my trip I make paintings of machines I bump into. I want to make them visible and show what i see , walking around in this strange world. Here is a phone Box from Telecom in Leipzig Germany.

Model: unknown
Year: unknown
Manufacturer: unknown

Let me know if you have some information for me about it.

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Portrait from Emma Goldman - anarchist activist and writer.

Got inspired while listening to Floraison - frankly the best french current podcast i know about (happy to learn about others )


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Ich veröffentliche mein Buch unter #CreativeCommons, ein Kapitel pro Woche!

Wer #Fantasy mag - vielleicht ist es was für euch :) Feedback welcome. Jeden Sonntag gibt es ein neues Kapitel aus einem anderen Blickwinkel.

Ciao! I have been traveling through France lately, now in Germany and soon in Italy. I like to draw political watercolor, but i do urban sketching/portraits/abstrakt too. So happy to be here!

The painting is from a Demo in Strasbourg against macron and his capitalist Bull🙊😋🦇


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