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Hello everyone! My name is Anthony, but online I go by Jank! I do mostly traditional art, with a focus on watercolors and inks. I occasionally do comics, but am currently focusing on growing as an artist.

I look forward to being a part of this community and seeing everyone's work!

CW: Mild nudity 

Here's some figure studies I've done the past couple days. I'm having more fun with them than I used to.

I wish I had more to post here, but damn if these past two months haven't kicked my ass. December had a mental health emergency. And this month I'd felt really unwell until finally catching the flu this past Tuesday. Maybe this will be the end of it and I'll feel decent again soon.

Here's a composition experiment I did last week. I like how it turned out -- working solely in black and white is a fun challenge.

I'd post here more, but I haven't had a whole lot going on worth sharing, art-wise. Been doing a lot of practice and learning, the results of which aren't worth sharing just yet.

Study I did of a Robobrain concept from the Fallout 3 art book. The design language in these concepts is so fun to learn from.

CW: Silhouette of a mostly-nude figure 

Here's a couple b&w drawings I did. I'm really enjoying the contrast.

@DarkestKale Although maybe I'm an idiot and just haven't been on when you're on haha

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@DarkestKale Yo dude, I've noticed I haven't seen you around hardly at all on the egg site anymore, and I can't say I blame you. That place is driving me mad.

Oh wow, I got a bunch of new followers a little while back. Welcome, everyone!

My apologies for being so silent over here -- I've been rather busy with a project and some life stuff, so I don't have much to share just yet. Hopefully soon, tho!

Spoiler for a project I'm working on 

Here's the WIP of page 2 of my semi-secret comic short. No ETA on it yet, but it's coming along well!

That feel when you're not afraid of challenging commissions and such anymore, and actually have fun figuring them out.

Heck yeah.

Spoiler for a project I'm working on 

Here's the WIP of page 2 of my semi-secret comic short. No ETA on it yet, but it's coming along well!

I keep spending too much time on the egg site. It's so easy to get sucked into that constant feed of *stuff* to fill the empty moments during the day.

I need to find some better, more deliberate activities for feeling connected and occupied. Like, find a flash fic site to peruse and such.

Hmm, I haven't posted here hardly at all. I'll have a couple things to share soon, once I finish some more small drawings and make progress on this project.

I haven't forgotten this place!

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