Something something i did back for Mermay.

Went to the zoo and drew some things. I want to try and do this maybe every other week if possible.

A commish for a friend of their Grey Warden and Zevran from . I had a lot of fun with this.

Commish from Tumblr of someone's illithid character!

Halfway through this storyboarding thing and it’s really cool but it’s a lot of stuff I kind of already know???

Alita for . I don't know who that other guy is. He's not having a very good day.

A commission for a friend of their character Odessa! I love her floofy tail so much.

Colored the rocks!! I'm going to redraw Bort since i wasn't happy with them. I feel like i haven't colored digitally in a while so the hair was a nice little break. I'm super happy with how Dia's hair came out.

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