Is there anything I can do with a Launchpad Mk1? Is there a hack, functional drivers or any kind of connectivity?

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i put in about 45 minutes tonight or maybe 2 hours, lost track of time because i was having fun. but it felt fast. now i'm loading lots of 'ground' tiles, and each terrain has an associated drone with it that plays when the player walks onto it. next steps: 'organize' the randomness so there are clearer fun game (or at least toy performance tool) mechanics. add in more assets/items.

I need to finish by Saturday!

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fundraising for afro-caribbean queer collective, please boost and share 

help Nosotrxs fund repairs to their new space!

Nosotrxs is an Afrofeminist queer cultural center that organizes workshops, skillshares, movie screenings, performances, drag shows, carework, and vegetarian/vegan meals for afrodescended and queer populations in the Caribbean. They are currently fundraising for repairs on their new permanent location: the estimated cost of repairs is USD $16,000.

How can you Help?
1. Contribute to our repair costs via PayPal.
2. Share our campaign with your friends and networks.
3. Learn more:
4. Follows NOSOTRXS on Facebook:

PayPal: @Maco428

note: please write "NOSOTRXS Repairs" in the memo line

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#humanAlgorithms so this looks good on camera but unfortunately had a lot of damage from the washi tape. Still good for prints though

on positive side though what I can do with these pencils will give me so many options....

#mastoArt #creativeToots #art

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@TQ we should remove follower counts everywhere. Maybe even remove the visible list entirely. Putting value on these is what brought us this gamified influencer culture in the first place.

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Unfollowed another big art account that tooted along the lines of "omg, thank you, we are almost 600 on this account" while themselves following less than 50.
No, you are not 600. You are 1. Who mistakes the fediverse for a place to collect people, instead of talking to them. *sigh*

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Ich muss grad ein Orchesterstück üben in Tempo 170 mit Taktwechseln und so. Hat wer Tipps für Taketina statt zählen? Ich mach grad im 7/8: ta-o ta-ke-ta ti-ki-ti-ki (für viertel, punktierte viertel, vier sechszehntel). Wie wäre es richtig?

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@ja_nice Well, I believe artists should get their fair pay - especially considering that the time, effort and funds to make an album almost always greatly outweigh the income, and it is such a struggle to even just break even...

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Also, just as a general note as I put out more music on this new (and hopefully perpetual) identity. If any of you that follow me hear a track and want to know how something was done, just ask. I don't believe in trade secrets or any of that.

If something I did can help people learn to make the music they want to make, I'm not going to hide the process. I'm going to teach them. #musicproduction

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on this #BandcampFriday remember the amazing crate-digging tool that is the Black Artist Database

the random shuffle function is great fun, and you can also search by name, genre and location

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#FollowFriday meet #BandCampFriday (a🧵)

Here's five fab fellow #Fediversers to follow.

All of them released riveting #records, some full of beautiful #beats, others bring you #beatless bliss, but all buyable via #Bandcamp (bar one, which is free as in beer)

To make it easier to listen, I'll put each one into a separate toot - coming up right now:

(well, right after these tags)
#music #records #synth #guitar #dance #ambient #techno #indie #alternative #electronica

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Kleiner Pro-Tipp: beim joggen die maske in der hosentasche - kann 1 machen -, aber aufsetzen ist echt eklig

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:mastodon: Mastodon tip: you can customize a column to list multiple hashtags (and block-list some of them too). It's a good way to discover all the posts gravitating around the topics you like (eg. for art, #mastoart is a popular one). That's really a feature I love here and wanted to share it to newcomers.

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speaking of: if you know any #Music producers, please tell me, I want to follow all of them #musicproduction

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The most interesting piece of criticism I’ve had for my music is that it was “hidden” from the public.

At the time, it was freely available on Bandcamp, there vinyl copies in the shops, and lead tracks were on YouTube. But it was not available on any of the streaming platforms.

I haven’t changed that - it’s still Bandcamp exclusive - but I thought it was a rather interesting and revealing comment.

If you can’t find it on Spotify, you value your own music and creativity. But are you also being an elitist snob by refusing to engage with the biggest musical platforms out there?

#mastomusic #streaming #Spotify #AppleMusic

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