Day 2
Another 30 min or so.
I sure hope to push it into direction of Piotr Jabłoński's paintings, he's one of my favorite digital painters. I still have one day left.

another one from last inktober

(closing this sketchbook i started during inktober, so...)

Dark, imposing mountains are drawn on paper. Layers of light reveal the intricate structures formed by geological times.

My first projection mapping piece on the blockchain:

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Trying to convert colors to sound.

The image data of the animation runs through several graphic filters. In the last filter the image data is analyzed at two differen areas. For each area, the averaged color values are sent per frame via OSC.

SuperCollider receives this OSC stream and uses the values from each area separately for the left and right audio channel. The sound synthesis is thus continuously re-parameterized.

Drawings Joseph Constantine Stadler 1780–1812

Hey I made this random painting idea generator if anybody needs painting ideas

Some warm-ups from last week.
Thank you so much for the support on my last Toot, I'll try and post more work in the next few days :)

Found an appealing video from emilysoddities. A Lo-Fi Road Trip to Arizona and New Mexico

Made a glitched version of this. Now it looks more dark and alien.

Rediscovering . It's been a few years, but a friend of a friend offered a converted camera for next to nothing, so I couldn't say no.

Hello everyone!
I'm new here and finally decided to share some of my works, thank you so much to @j___r for the help :tialove:

This is a tribute to Angel's Egg from Mamoru Oshii, hope you guys like it!

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