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Drew this for a winter exchange on dA! I'm really proud of the way it turned out

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Adding ACNH minis to my commission list. They are a nice warmup that won't get in the way of my other commissions.

If you want one they are $12USD

here's a crop of februarys wallpaper for patreon, sign up to see it and a bunch of other stuff i post on there. i finally got my laptop back so comics will resume soon!

Doodled one of my fav oc's !!

Connie studies psychology and she adores dancing ๐Ÿ’ƒ

Posted this on Instagram yesterday, but forgot to share it here. Just some more fun with 2-frame animation on coffee sleeves. A little sunrise/sunset thing.

"how's your mondays?"
"monday? it's tuesday dude"
"it's actually friday"
"no i'm pretty sure it's tuesday"

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vibe check

(syosa/drawbun/evangelione influences)
mainly looks syosa bc their colors are [chefs kiss] but i hope some of my own style shines thru

Do you get hungry after crying?

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