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I really enjoyed drawing this one! I usually don't do stuff this detailed anymore, but it was relaxing


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OK! my commissions are officially reopened with special holiday themed listings!! each holiday order WILL be finished before December 22nd, just in time for christmas. Any boosts are appeciated and thank you!

didn't realize fe3h updated until i checked twitter for the first time in a while -- thank god they added more save slots!! I was running out 😭

I was going to post this once I figured out what kind of dress/outfit she would wear, but so far nothing stuck o(-<

any suggestions are appreciated!!

Hey creators!
looks like there's an "independent artist" going around that's buying domains using the names of other creators and re-directing it to their own website

twitter links inc:

protect yourselves :c

a few sketches i did a while ago for a katekyo hitman reborn! fanzine
(technically they are too clean to be called sketches but the zine was a sketch zine, so)
i barely remember drawing these because i was heavily depressed at the time, but i think they turned out good

Hello Mastofolk! It's been a while. I've returned home not long ago & will resume regular schedule, so that means new artworks coming soon!

Thank you so much for the follows! There are plenty of you since I've last been here so HELLO EVERYONE! I appreciate it! I hope you'll enjoy your stay!

Nov 1st I'll be holding an art raffle for my patrons so if you'd like to take part & get your OC or fan OCs drawn by me, don't forget to head over to my patreon! <3

Hello! ✧
I'm Lillymon/kourvo and I'm a self-taught digital artist. I love to draw fanarts of my favorite characters and occasionally some original art. I love art, manga, PC games, books, languages, fictional worlds & characters, and a whole lot of other things.

β—― If you'd like to know more please check out β†’

Looking forward to meeting the art folk of Mastodon!


is it weird that I spend money whenever I'm in a bad mood? I thought it was normal??

I brought it up to a friend the other day and they were weirded out LOL

I took a (crappy) video when drawing earlier, thought you'd like to see it

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