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Polling opinions on my upcoming pride eeveelutions set. All input is greatly appreciated!

Everything I released in 2019! I'm really proud of my progress and thankful for everyone's support :heart_sp_trans:

✨ PIN DROP!! ✨
Who's your favourite?
I'm super excited to drop my first pokemon pin and the first in my MINI MYTHOS series, as well as the aromantic pride pin!!

Check this out! Here's the preview of my pride pin, releasing next week πŸ‘€

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BirbΓ©mon: Chatot
I love birds and bird pokemon so much!

or for those of u who did NOT wake up 10 minutes ago

happy !! ✨
(the bi budgie pin is by another bi artist, astral glass studios!)

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Sorry for the repost I forgot to caption the image

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