Sculpting is more of a hobby for me. It’s something I love to do inbetween jobs, and it has seriously helped me be a better artist. It’s like meditation for me. Here’s one of my favs. A greenman… ofcourse

@bixardune @kanrei thanks. Yes, sculpted the piece and made a cold cast bronze of it

@iriscompiet That is astonishing. I think you could claim to be rather more than a hobbyist if you wished

@iriscompiet Awesome! May i ask what kind of material you used? Like it very much!

@iriscompiet OMG, I like this a lot. You don't happen to sculpt miniatures, too?

@iriscompiet i love the details and overall mood of this piece. Extraordinary!

@iriscompiet And this is the moment I miss FB "wow!" reaction.

@iriscompiet That's a lovely sculpt! I once did a lost wax cast in a workshop (won't show 'cuz embarrassed) and while the process was very cool, I couldn't see pursuing that as basically a hobby. But I hadn't heard of cold cast bronze before. Are the patina options similar to lost wax cast bronze? What did you use for patina here?

@iriscompiet Wow, that looks amazing! Also the coloration of it, it looks like old copper or something like that.

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