Hi there! My name is Iris and I’m an artist and illustrator from the Netherlands. Things I do are MtG art, Dark Crystal Bestiary, Labyrinth Bestiary and I created my own world called Faeries of the Faultlines

@iriscompiet Welcome to the server! :mastohi: Your stuff is gorgeous. Mind a follow?

@iriscompiet I take that Fave as a yes! 😎 *clicking-follow-button*

@iriscompiet Welcome!

I got your Fairies book for my birthday this year and it's genuinely one of my favourite books!

Your work is absolutely inspirational, in much the same way Froud's work was when I was *cough*a kid*cough*. It makes me want to get my trad media out to play again :)

@AmaBagins happy belated birthday 😉 hope you will take some time to dive into some trad art!

@iriscompiet oh wow, I absolutely love your art !
It reminds me of all the things that used to make me dream during my childhood. I hope to be able to buy your book soon and dream again !

@Nausicaa thanks so much! We’re working on a new print run of my book so hopefully soon!

@iriscompiet Great to see you here, welcome! Your art is a constant source of inspiration :)

@iriscompiet Hey, fancy seeing you here! :P I just peeked in as well

@iriscompiet welcome on here! such a nice surprise. :)
i just recently saw your onlinecon interview with david, and now you’re here with us.

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