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EU citizens!

#Article13 has lurched back into life due to a last minute Franco-German deal:

Any profit-making site over 3 years old will have to install YouTube-style automatic copyright filters on all uploads.

In practice, they would have to outsource it to Google etc. Big tech would choose what we see, even on tiny indie sites.

Please tell your MEPs today, in your own words, that this is not acceptable. They vote on this next Monday:

The view looking west from Gateholm Stack, after pottering around Marloes Sands

Three bays here are separated by huge cliff faces with broken-off boulders: Watery Bay, Victoria Bay, and Little Castle Bay.

#landscape #seascape #photography #southwales #wales #nature #travel #hiking #pembrokeshire #pembrokeshirecoast

Stella and Riley doodles
I haven't drawn them in like a year oof egroijrge

Guess who is still not playing kingmaker this weekend

back studies
I feel like I've gotten closer to Scapula-san...
(+5 exp)

painting with a knife, another weird, yet thrilling, perk of art therapy. I did ruin a canvas or two before switching to a dull blade. 🤨

Alright! The last one of my tent sketches. I was feeling so adventurous with this one I even ventured to add some human figures (if you squint really hard you can even see them haggling).


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