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Here, I'm joining the train before I fucking regret it. The only recent pic I have is a slightly blurring one where I'm derping to a serious game of jenga. I only chose work from 2018 also :P

Just a sunny day in a nice neighborhood street. Really enjoyed making this one, not really thinking too much about it and not stressing about it being perfect (°3°)

A nice family.
I'm having fun with this illustration and not thinking too much about it :P

"I nearly lost my head"
I'm liking blue lines but I don't think I'll use them often

Totally need to make a proper toot with links and stuff to pin

@dragonlaurita Usually I'll think of a theme I'm interested in then google some images related to that theme to see if something sets off a light bulb in my head. Sometimes I'll be inspired by a color combination in a photo, a pretty face, an interesting hairstyle, etc. etc. I'll make an inspiration/mood board of all the images I find interesting, putting them all together like so (image attached). Then I start drawing :) Also attached my finished piece so you could see what I made in the end.

Little detail and sketches of an illustration I planned to enter in a Bienal (idk what they're called in english) buuut I probably won't finish it on time, maybe I'll send something else. Still gonna work this though, I'm liking it

A WIP detail from my next chapter of Nene's Bedtime Stories

Dammit, oh well, not deleting :P
Should have made this a game of find-the-missing-letter. Here's the correctly spelled one

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