Estuve trabajando toda la semana pasada en una comisión fancy de retrato en acrílico y no puedo creer lo mucho que extrañé dibujar en digital jaja

Unemployed for ten weeks, need grocery money. #Earrings update 5/11/19 pt2, surgical steel earwires, body in anodized aluminum, brass, bronze, stainless steel, copper. $11 per pair including USA shipping to or$tarlimanjoppos #chainmail #maille #art #mastoart #jewelry Please Boost

@Tau_Leonis Damn, I'm tempted to go watch them at a lake just to see the assholery

Watching some birds in my backyard. I've come to some conclusions

First drawing with a new tablet. Haven't used a different one since starting on digital art and I think I was missing out haha, oh well :P

"We may not be the only ones in these woods"
I was undecided about the lighting. The softer light is creepier but I do like the intense reddish light, so here's both
feat. Nene and The One Who Knocks from my webcomic

There's something in the woods...

A detail of an illustration I'm working on right now :)

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Ghost boy (from a chapter of my webcomic Nene's B.S.) trying to figure out how being dead works

@chuck Thank you so much!
Haha yeah! UNKLE is always a plus ♥♥

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