Every week I change my lineart tool slightly and this week is no different, I really like this one though ho ho

Time to cup my finger off... or just wash it like a million times

Keyboard Smash Episodes: tapas.io/episode/1258007

Had to get that little nagging bug of doing some Fantastic Beasts fanart out, so here's some Newt and Frank cuties ♥

Nene's Bedtime Stories UPDATE! Ever wonder what's inside a sinkhole? 👻

Full chapter: tapas.io/episode/1244498

No. 16/ Chillin' on the front door.
Gonna continue the 31 inktober drawings even though it's not october anymore and see how it goes :P

A quick Pushing Daisies inspired work; cherry-daisy pie? Yeah, why not? :P

Put the final touches on this witchy thing after not working on it for a while :P

It was pastel de tres leches, delicious but I shouldn't eat that much dairy Dx

Comic Keyboard Smash :: The Temptation tapas.io/episode/1231856

someone over on my Tapas wall requested if I could a more grown up teenage version of Nene, so here goes! °-°)/
This is inktober no. 15 even though we're in november now, I'm gonna finish 31 NBS drawings

Hey! Happy halloween everyone! Redid the first inktober with a little halloween flare

Chapter will definitely not be done for halloween, it's weird how tragic things make you think of routine life as the stranger side of living

"¿Qué fue eso?"
A Nene glimpse from the new chapter that's tooootally not done yet and probably won't be ready for halloween aaaah -cries-

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