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Irene, the pigeon yeller

More Nene's Bedtime Stories!
Bonus for The Crossroads Dweller (the bonuses are always lighthearted)

👻 BONUS Chapter:
✨The Crossroads Dweller:

A little detail of a work in progress for the patreon request on my patreon. It's Hannibal Lecter (the NBC version)

There is only one right answer when something falls off furniture...

✨ Webcomic:

Bit of an odd oil painting I'm slowly working on :P

Hooooo booooy!
Finally uploaded chapter 11 of Nene's Bedtime Stories!
Don't stand at crossroads, my dear children. Proceed with caution.


@JigmeDatse Had to look up what that was haha x) but those harnesses would be perfect for hands free dog walking :D

@JigmeDatse That's a good idea, maybe even a secure belt could be of use?

Sneak of a new chapter of my webcomic Nene's Bedtime Stories that I take waaaaay too long to make and then everyone forgets it exists (;---;)
So yeah, I hoping to finish the new chapter in a few days

@JigmeDatse Hahaha I can see how that would be a huge problem. Gonna have to master the art of single-hand camera handling

Threats and seduction? Idk, sketching an idea :P

@JigmeDatse Well, at least the idea is there for when you do find time, one never knows :)

@JigmeDatse That sounds cool what you're planning to do with your camera :)
I'll have to see about mine, yeah, prices are kind of pricey when it comes to cameras here :P

Forgot to upload this the other day, inspired by my little red flower I took a picture of :)

@JigmeDatse I'm in the same dilemma as you, I think. There are a couple of repair shops in my city and a friend did go and paid to repair hers in one but it was kind of expensive and it lasted, I think, a year before it had problems again. But yeah, I think if the camera isn't that rare or that special maybe it'd be better to buy a new one, maybe a better (more durable) model? And see how that works out, if the repairs are gonna be more expensive than the replacement, why not.

@RussSharek I can just imagine that! That's so cool :D

@RussSharek Holy shit! Thank you so much! I downloaded them already and set up a little doc with the "worth knowing" notes so I don't forget about them haha x)

I can't with that toy accordion, it's too damn adorable ♥
Thanks again!

@lunelle Thank you! I love them so much.
I planted them back in mid/late november from a bouquet I got. The seeds are in the flowers petals, I just let the flowers dry, put the dried petals in a layer over the soil in a pot and just plenty of water and sunlight. They were surprisingly easy to grow but they do need plenty of water and space to grow comfortably :)

@lunelle I'm very proud of those, planted them from seedlings *-*