No. 16/ Chillin' on the front door.
Gonna continue the 31 inktober drawings even though it's not october anymore and see how it goes :P

A quick Pushing Daisies inspired work; cherry-daisy pie? Yeah, why not? :P

Put the final touches on this witchy thing after not working on it for a while :P

It was pastel de tres leches, delicious but I shouldn't eat that much dairy Dx

Comic Keyboard Smash :: The Temptation

someone over on my Tapas wall requested if I could a more grown up teenage version of Nene, so here goes! °-°)/
This is inktober no. 15 even though we're in november now, I'm gonna finish 31 NBS drawings

Hey! Happy halloween everyone! Redid the first inktober with a little halloween flare

"¿Qué fue eso?"
A Nene glimpse from the new chapter that's tooootally not done yet and probably won't be ready for halloween aaaah -cries-

The most horrible thing I could think to draw as a request from my patreon in the spirit of spooky month oooouuhh 🎃


No. 10/ Nene working

I'm going to take it slower on the rest of and do one every other day before I burn out, maybe extend it 'till november :)

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