I don't know if I'm gonna finish this one or restart it, maybe. Couldn't have painted this in a worst sheet of watercolor paper lol

Patreon request of a snowy drawing, although there's more focus on the winter demon sooo mission half accomplished? Hahaha-happy holidays!! :D

Thanks for all the support this year! ♥

Every week I change my lineart tool slightly and this week is no different, I really like this one though ho ho

Time to cup my finger off... or just wash it like a million times

Keyboard Smash Episodes: tapas.io/episode/1258007

Had to get that little nagging bug of doing some Fantastic Beasts fanart out, so here's some Newt and Frank cuties ♥

No. 17/ Nene going up the dark stairway. Part of the no longer inktober-inktober :P

Nene's Bedtime Stories UPDATE! Ever wonder what's inside a sinkhole? 👻

Full chapter: tapas.io/episode/1244498

No. 16/ Chillin' on the front door.
Gonna continue the 31 inktober drawings even though it's not october anymore and see how it goes :P

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