Dirty window
I miss taking photos but I'm bummed that I have to get my camera repaired 'cause there's something loose in there and now every pic is blurry. Grr no money for that right now

@inogart Lovely shot!

Blurry has its uses too. Some of my favorite shots are those I took with altered, cameras, toy cameras, etc.

@mkb Thanks!
And yeah, that's true, I'll try to make the most of it :D

@inogart I love how the lighting works in your photo. You caught it just right. Thank you...

@inogart I'm wondering about the camera repairs. I know that I haven't really found any place that is "local enough" to me that even does camera repairs, there used to be a place ~8 hours away, but I think they have closed. It's often cheaper, or close enough that it makes sense to buy a new camera. But, then again, there are cameras where you really want it repaired, rather than replacing with something totally different.

@JigmeDatse I'm in the same dilemma as you, I think. There are a couple of repair shops in my city and a friend did go and paid to repair hers in one but it was kind of expensive and it lasted, I think, a year before it had problems again. But yeah, I think if the camera isn't that rare or that special maybe it'd be better to buy a new one, maybe a better (more durable) model? And see how that works out, if the repairs are gonna be more expensive than the replacement, why not.

@inogart I'm not currently looking at anything like a camera repair. I am thinking that I will be doing a bit of work on my "old" camera if I can find someone who has written up a good description of what to do with it. I want to pull the infra-red mirror from the sensor.

I think that if you go in, ask for an estimate of what they may charge to repair it. I'm not sure what your camera is, but I *think* you can get a new low end for something like $80 or so.

@JigmeDatse That sounds cool what you're planning to do with your camera :)
I'll have to see about mine, yeah, prices are kind of pricey when it comes to cameras here :P

@inogart Well, of course it depends on what you're looking for. The new camera (body only) is about $2000. But it's hopefully going to be good...

@inogart I also have no idea if anything *will* happen with the camera. I never seem to manage to find time to art, or anything. At least not beyond writing...

@JigmeDatse Well, at least the idea is there for when you do find time, one never knows :)

@inogart I keep seeing things I want to take pictures of, but that ends up being very difficult when one hand is attached to the leash which is attached to the dog.

@JigmeDatse Hahaha I can see how that would be a huge problem. Gonna have to master the art of single-hand camera handling

@inogart I'm thinking of getting a means to attach her to my waist. I think we may even have that. Then I can have her, and both my hands at the same time...

@JigmeDatse That's a good idea, maybe even a secure belt could be of use?

@inogart We used to take the dog (previous dog) skijoring and I'm not sure if we have any of that any more.

@JigmeDatse Had to look up what that was haha x) but those harnesses would be perfect for hands free dog walking :D

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