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Irene, the pigeon yeller @inogart

Finished this patreon request! Really wanted to work on my color and light skills on this one and wanted to incorporate some feel on it buuut it's not really a merperson I guess? Because it's not "half" person hmm, ok oh well

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@inogart This is so incredibly bizarre and beautiful, I have no words! The accordion is killing it! :tentaluv: 👍

@inogart I gotta friend (not on masto) who loves j-fish, I'm gonna link her this.


Would you like reference pics of a couple of button accordions for your next piece? I have a couple here.

@RussSharek I don't know if I'll draw another one soon but I do like them a lot, so sure! I would appreciate it! Thank you :D

@inogart happy to help. Somewhere an accordion player is probably having easily fixable OCD. ;)