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A long overdue introduction.
Hello, I'm Irene! I'm a mexican artist that does illustration work, paintings and webcomics.
On my patreon you'll find exclusive wallpapers, previews and reference sheets.
I also do , ask me for info and I shall respond :)


Ko-Fi donations:

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Inktober No. 3
So everytime I'm doing one of these I listen to Keaton Henson's Initium and I'm definitely gonna keep drawing water in every one of them

No. 2
Not keeping up with the 31 days haha but it's ok. I think I'm gonna go with a water theme? Maybe, we'll see :)

Inktober No.1
I won't do all 31 days this year but this is a good excuse to use more ink, I really like it 鉁

(Please don't stress about doing or not doing inktober, it's not a big deal. It's supposed to just be a fun personal challenge, inktober won't save the rainforest, don't freak out over it)

Why not check out my :patreon:? We are close to the goal that covers my rent and bills! Every bit helps!

猸愶笍Early access to art
猸愶笍Access to my Discord :discord: server
猸愶笍Voting membership to help me decide what to draw and the ability to send prompts
猸愶笍A 鈥渟aving up鈥 tier to get commissionss without breaking the bank
猸愶笍(LIMITED SPOTS) Art at much lower prices than usual only available through patreon (up to a quarter of the usual rates)

Etiquette PSA 

This is a PSA because I can't believe this shit isn't banned everywhere, including where I live 馃挗

Masking fluid tips 馃枌锔
- Use nibs! They make fine lines and are easy to clean
- Ruling pens work well too, I have one that goes with my compass and it makes neat circles easily
- Remove it by rubbing the paper with a ball of dried fluid
- Brushes can be cleaned with white spirit! Don't use your fave ones though ^^

And if you want to know how I make my space spells, I have a post on Patreon:

Hey guys! If you're enjoying my art and would like to show some support for what I do, please consider checking out my Ko-fi page!

Doodle of a friend that dreamt she was crime fighting as a sailor scout next to Dragon Haku

"I have a little kitty cat in the room next to yours, it has a tiny nose and a lovely beaming smile" 馃幎

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