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Here are some of my 31 "Cryptids & Urban Legends" inktober drawings, all 31 are available in print in my shops (°-°)/


Nene's new, slightly different, dress made with the skin of her enemies (jk, not jk)

Patreon request of a dynamically posed character in a sport of my choosing and I had to throw in there my character Hasen and a hungry sea monster :)
First time drawing waves and sea foam, hope it's not too rough, I'm not mad at it ♥


Practicing more scene type things and experimenting with lights is fun, gonna do more of these
Ft. Nima (OC) on a bus

Went loose on drawing this and then struggled with the colors but it was a nice experiment, puede que haga más de estos

The Catsup Project update! My webcomic that's not totally planned out yet so it's been a 1000 years since the last update :P
Cat reveal (?)


"911 witch emergency hotline, how may I help you today?"
"Send the crows!"

El cerro! Patreon request of a fond memory from my childhood; when me and my family used to take our dog to a part of a deserted hill overlooking the sea near our house (bonus giant monster because the sea is a treacherous creature)

Hi, I'm Jessica Cheng, a concept artist specialising in environments and am versatile with art styles. Find me at:


Email: chengelingart[at]gmail



RTs much appreciated!

Okay it's giveaway time ✨
Follow & boost to win this fox drawing !
Ends on august 15th, good luck :)
#art #mastoart #drawing #fox #giveaway

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