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Irene, the pigeon yeller

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Here are some of my 31 "Cryptids & Urban Legends" inktober drawings, all 31 are available in print in my shops (°-°)/


A little watercolor painting I did for an exhibit about pets named Manada :)
Si andan en Tijuana, vayan al Hidalgo Tap Room en el Centro, Pasaje Revolución, ahí esta la exposición ♥

Nnngh incompetence in organizing an exhibition irks me soooo much, just communicate dammit! (lays on ground)

Nene on a boat. A little detail of a patreon request for this month that's still in progress

Did this one for the challenge by ChabeEscalante on IG and twitter

I never know if I should work more on flat colors or a more painted finish (-_-)

Did a request from my patreon to draw my favorite fictional character in a environment that is totally out of their element. So here's Hannibal Lecter in a sickeningly cute diner with veggie junk food and the servers are fantasy creatures? Yep, my brain fried but I like how it turned out and this is the most pastel thing I've ever colored ♥


This is the most pastels I've used in an illustration and it was a challenge but I like it :P

My little dead flower harvest.
Kinda want to oil paint this for practice, I need more painting practice 'cause I really like doing it but don't do it enough :P

Went to see Jurassic World 2 and I have dino fever again ♥
It's opening weekend but I went with friends to see first morning screening while the world cup matches were on and the theater was almost empty, it was perfect *-*

More Nene's Bedtime Stories!
Bonus for The Crossroads Dweller (the bonuses are always lighthearted)

👻 BONUS Chapter:
✨The Crossroads Dweller:

A little detail of a work in progress for the patreon request on my patreon. It's Hannibal Lecter (the NBC version)

There is only one right answer when something falls off furniture...

✨ Webcomic:

Bit of an odd oil painting I'm slowly working on :P

Hooooo booooy!
Finally uploaded chapter 11 of Nene's Bedtime Stories!
Don't stand at crossroads, my dear children. Proceed with caution.


Sneak of a new chapter of my webcomic Nene's Bedtime Stories that I take waaaaay too long to make and then everyone forgets it exists (;---;)
So yeah, I hoping to finish the new chapter in a few days

Threats and seduction? Idk, sketching an idea :P

Forgot to upload this the other day, inspired by my little red flower I took a picture of :)