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Irene, the pigeon

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Here are some of my 31 "Cryptids & Urban Legends" inktober drawings, all 31 are available in print in my shops (°-°)/


I missed world frog day on tuesday but I made some frog themed clothes sketches to celebrate... I want frog clothes

A WIP detail from my next chapter of Nene's Bedtime Stories

Dammit, oh well, not deleting :P
Should have made this a game of find-the-missing-letter. Here's the correctly spelled one

oh... forgot the u in "enough"... fuck >_>

The third layer will be painted by my descendants

These hands are made for walking! ♫ ... wait, no, that's not the right lyrics. Yeah some hand sketches because I want to get better at them

Hey! This months patron request was to do something victorian and classy and I can't not put something weird in an illustration :P
Here's a classy-kinda-victorian-lady with dark secrets? And a bunch of flowers (°-°)/

✨ Patreon:

I totally did not remeber I had my cryptid collection as my pinned toot :P

New blog post: The Mastodon Spring Creator’s Release: What’s in 2.3 for art and photography

Please share it around! ✨

A bit of a fast environment practice, needs more steel :P

Today is one of those shoulder-hurting-days, here's a little detail

A little painting I'm gonna work on, among other things :P

My face just falls on my cat, it just happens

Reworked this thing a bit, yeah, going with thicker lines