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A long overdue introduction.
Hello, I'm Irene! I'm a mexican artist that does illustration work, paintings and webcomics.
On my patreon you'll find exclusive wallpapers, previews and reference sheets.
I also do , ask me for info and I shall respond :)


Ko-Fi donations:

I want to draw more faces but I want to draw more backgrounds but I want to draw more faces but I want to draw more backgrou...

They say the woodland machinery can be found at the heart of the forest.

I spent way more time on this than I wanted to

Sneak of a wallpaper for patrons. Ended up going for warmer colors as in the second pic.

Did this from a prompt on the list :)

"The last of the mycelium infected, a couple of the mid 1800's on their wedding day.
Records show their home was burned to the ground with the couple still inside a few days after the photo was taken. Records do not show if the couple was in fact deceased by then."

Venting about parents and art 

It's fucking great when my dad questions my art based on how much money "each of my drawings make". Well dad, it doesn't work like that "Oh you post this online and it makes you no money?"Fuck if it makes me happy huh?
I'm just here venting, pls ignore but if you're reading this, please go support your favorite artists 'cause it's a fucking struggle ♥

there is nothing more countercultural this year than hope and caring and mutual support, and nothing more mainstream than edgy doomsaying and competitive cynicism

this winter is a golden opportunity to be punk *as fuck*

'Wicked Apothecary'
When that one annoying customer rings the bell.
I am suprised but I liked how the colors on my apothecary boy turned out :)

Did I post this on here? I don't remember but I don't think so.
Ok, occasionally I draw my ships

I uploaded some preview pages of my spooky webcomic Nene's Bedtime Stories for patreons. I'm trying to finish this chapter to upload on Tapas and Webtoons before halloween 🎃


Up up up we go, to a new life.
The more I work on an illustration the more I'm critical of it, and I was reaaaally critical of the colors but I'm starting to like it now that it's done and over lol

The last cryptids I did from the prompt list, although I couldn't keep up with the whole list :P
Ningen, Fresno Nightcrawler and Black Eyed Kids

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