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Here are some of my 31 "Cryptids & Urban Legends" inktober drawings, all 31 are available in print in my shops (°-°)/


Watercolor, ink and underworld creatures is what today is all about :P

Nene is an apex predator.
A little doodleof my character for while I try to finish the next chapter of Nene's Bedtime Stories D:

Anybody interested in buying my traditional art? $30 including shipping, us shipping only, paypal only plz

lemme know :')

My cat threw my drawing tablet from my desk in the middle of the night °-° but everything is a-okay and working, phew

✨ Webcomic:

Dirty window
I miss taking photos but I'm bummed that I have to get my camera repaired 'cause there's something loose in there and now every pic is blurry. Grr no money for that right now

Finished this patreon request! Really wanted to work on my color and light skills on this one and wanted to incorporate some feel on it buuut it's not really a merperson I guess? Because it's not "half" person hmm, ok oh well

Just a merman for
I don't think I'll do the whole month but I'll try to incorporate mermay into a bunch of illustrations :)

There's a monthly drink&draw in my city and I started this doodle there and finished it at home. I don't really drink but I do draw in the gatherings and just have a nice time with other artists :P

So done with this monster of a thing. I don't know when to stop sometimes with the details and the horrible thing was that I wanted to add more (;--;)

Putting full wips of drawings like this over on my patreon!

I want an armchair... not with skulls and teeth but yeah, a comfortable chair/sofa

Experimenting a bunch (being indecisive) with color lead to this good thing (°-°)/ me gustó bastante

Made myself an overall and it's... not horrible, so yeah, I'm ok with it. Still gotta tweek a few parts of it and hope it doesn't fall apart :P

Mood. A little detail of a of this thing that's going to kill me (;---;)

I really really really love shitty scary movies

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