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'There Are Holes In The Earth III'
Finally uploaded a new chapter of Nene's Bedtime Stories update just in time for the spookiest week 👻

Full episode ✨

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A long overdue introduction.
Hello, I'm Irene! I'm a mexican artist that does illustration work, paintings and webcomics.
On my patreon you'll find exclusive wallpapers, previews and reference sheets.
I also do , ask me for info and I shall respond :)


Ko-Fi donations:

'A walk to a gathering'
This was gonna be a fast drawing and then I started adding detail and stuff and... yeah :P

I think

On top of the world.
Just wanted to draw something and use a quick limited color palette

I think

Drawings from this week without my tablet. I have it now and as much as I love traditional mediums I did miss doing digital.
The flowers one I want to continue but I'm not sure how

I wanted to experiment with some purely traditional comicking, so have a minicomic! There's only four pages of it so I'm sticking the cover in its own toot.

Comic CW for (relatively light?) tooth-related body horror and a bit of blood.

SDVoyager Magazine interviewd me and there's a picture of me (oh noooo mah face!), but yeah, it's me talking about myself and art basically

I really want to do something spooky with this pomegranate and I can't because the pen to my tablet suddenly stopped working and now I'm waiting on a new one ;__;

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She came from the tunnels to eat fruit and the flesh of the wicked.

I definitely spent more time on this than I was initially planning to, sigh

Rats Nouveau
This was so difficult to do but now I want to try doing even more art nouveau type illustrations :)

'Just one of those days, I guess.'
I was trying to make a snake and it turned into a dragon? Ps, ni modo

Trying out Krita again but I think it's not agreeing with my tablet, seems like a good program though.
I also want to try CSP 👀

Hey! Special commissions! :star_eyes:
If someone is interested in a black and white commission I'm doing a few.
It's that time of the decade where I gotta save up to renew my passport and stuff.
The prop can be anything, want a tank? Yeah I'll draw that! Want a small bee, that too! 👀

So yeah, DM or send me an email at

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