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My booster murdered me but i am back with a plant in a box (Feb 20)

Ugh going to bed so late but here is my friend Ginny's cat Frodo for Feb 16

Missed a few days! @Keffy's husband's cat Samhain for Feb 15

For Feb 10 & 11, some plants that look like they might be real species but aren't b/c i didn't use reference

still re-initiating neural connections, carry on, nothing to see here but a lazy plant

Late to post, but the Feb 7 scribble is some bees drawn hilariously without reference on a flower also clearly drawn without reference

Doing a daily drawing thing to fix my brain. Here are yesterday's & today's

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This poor artist had her entire con setup stolen from her car D: If you can help, please do!

YES, NFTs could be good for artists, but the fact is right now, they're not good for anyone except tech bros. Let's say no to it and demand a better system for digital originals. Discord should be on our side.

On a luxurious intergalactic transport, eight cryopods open early. Seven ex-prisoners climb out to discover they have new, clean identities... and that one of them just stabbed #8 before the others woke.

The Deadlands has figured out what living humans want. If you have a social media and you can donate to a foodbank, you can enter to win this 30lb prize!

From the cat fundraiser! I did drawings for $1/min. This is a ten minute of a little old lady named Tink. ❥

Some of the laaatest 👀 rewards this year from my P a t r e o n. Ink & watercolor washes on mixed media paper.

Hopefully they were worth waiting for!

composition parade continues... abstract blobs that i start refining into recognizable images⁠

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