Still wrestling with comic extensions for WordPress, but here's a panel from the Patreon-funded fantasy epic i finally started on Halloween!

(Sorry for the delete/repost, i messed up the URL)

Thank you Pinterest for your lovely cat models, all 5,000,000 of them

One of the keys on my keyboard mysteriosly went missing today while i was at the art shop. Prime sspect is a certain brindle herding mix, who kicked the CTRL key off in 2017. I can only assme she is at falt.

Jst gess which key is gone.

Gorgeous prints & patches offered from an indie artist to incentivize people to donate to stop Line 3. I'm crossing my fingers there were still patches left when i donated!

I like to practice with both hands. Here is a photo sourced from Unsplash, by Liam Simpson, and my left-handed sketch 🍒

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So I finally did it. 🐴 ✍️

Click here to check out my Horse Drawing Workshop Notes and References booklet:


Ever needed to draw horses but had no idea where to start? Does the thought of drawing an equine terrify you? Want to learn more tools to help grow your horse drawing skills? Then this .PDF is for you!

Designed to be as approachable as possible without getting technical.


Thank you so much for your support! :da_cuddle:

#Horses #Art #HowTo

Digital painting practice on a pencil+paper sketch. This is Charlie from

Okay, last one for the day! This owl is the mascot of all my 2020 election feelings

(Fun fact: i spilled purple ink all over this right when i was finished and it was due in mere hours. I had to cover it up creatively, and it was the best thing that could have happened!)

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Here's another favorite illustration, for Alyssa Wong's "Hungry Daughters of Starving Mothers" in the Queers Destroy Horror anthology

Illustration for a story in NAW by Alex Creece called "Nattraven." Did it a few years ago, but it's still a favorite. ❥


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