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Hello to my digital anvil of choice. :)

@inkscape Greetings, Inkscape! Welcome to Mastodon.

@inkscape Yay, it's #InkScape!

Here's a couple of other neat Free Software projects in the fediverse that you might want to connect with:


There are probably a lot more, but this was what I was able to find at a moment's notice. 馃榾

Hello @inkscape!! is this an official account? Because that would be awesome! 馃槉

#introduction #art

Hello @inkscape , glad to see you here, and thanks for a great program!

@inkscape How do we know if your the real inkscape? 馃馃馃馃馃馃馃馃馃

Maybe you could subject us to a grueling series of SVG challenges (or just see that we posted a link to this from the official Twitter account) 馃槈

@inkscape WHAT!!! you want me to do work!! I am a bit to lazy for that 馃槈馃槣馃檭


OK I will stop been lazy, I just checked Twitter you are the real thing 馃槒馃

you are now verified yours truly! 馃槑

@inkscape hello inkscape! Did you know that the Mastodon default Avatar was made with inkscape? Now you do!

@ConnyDuck @inkscape uh, what else would it be made with? Text editor?

@ConnyDuck The server logo was made in @inkscape too. Great piece of software!

@ConnyDuck @inkscape

Of course it is, are there any other software that can do that?

(the first one who answers Adobe Illustrator gets a GNU/Linux iso on his macbook)

@ConnyDuck @inkscape So was the #dreddit avatar and logo.


(The hero is done with those elements in the #GIMP.)

@inkscape it is a great delight to see your updates here \o/