Now hiring!

The project is seeking to fill a 12-month contract position for a Project Coordinator.

You'll find more details here:

@inkscape Hey there! I applied for the role last week, but haven't yet received anything back yet.

I just want to make sure the application is received on time, because I'd hate to lose the chance simply because of email issues 🙈

Looking forward to hearing back however, whenever :)

@doctormo @ted (pinging you because I found you on*leadership-commi - I hope that's OK)

@douginamug @inkscape @doctormo great that you've applied!

The way it works is that we're anonymously evaluating the first round to remove bias. So I don't know if your application is in, and that's a good thing!

You'll need to reach out to @pono as he's acting as our blind.

@ted @inkscape @doctormo @pono thanks! Seems like a really well thought-through recruitment process :)

I found Pono's website, and will ping him a matrix message :)

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