We're proud to announce the release of :inkscape: Inkscape 1.1.1! Thank you to our contributors that have been busy fixing bugs and making Inkscape more stable. It is now available for Linux/macOS/Windows at:

@inkscape great! Thanks for an update on my favorite software!!!! :neko_cats_eye:

@inkscape can anyone link to a good thorough beginners guide to vector graphics? I always, quickly get stuck.

@Moini @inkscape that is a very good tutorial! Thanks a bunch. Did you write it?

@andreasio @inkscape

Thanks! The ones on yes, I wrote those.

The guide: originally a French book by Elisa de Castro Guerra, which I've translated to English, moved to a different platform, then written a bit of it, too, together with some others from the Inkscape project.

Well... I tip my hat. Very well written. Thanks again

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