We are once again looking for your feedback!

Mike and Adam have been working together on adding a user interface for making custom stroke dash patterns and to make the dash list easier to navigate.

⬇️ Get it here for testing:

🟦 Windows:

🐧 Linux:

🍏 macOS:

Please submit your test results at

Enjoy + thanks for your help!

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@inkscape Works awesome! πŸ‘

A live preview would be a really nice addition, and some clue as what the first custom number is being used for (space or border) – maybe by automatically altering the font weight to have bold, not bold numbers?.

Looking forward to have this extra feature to my disposal. πŸ˜€


It's changing live on canvas already, what other kind of live preview are you suggesting?

Please leave your feedback about this and about the differentiation between gap / stroke numbers on the issue on GitLab, thanks!

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