Would you like to help testing the new Alignment / Distribution snapping feature by our student Parth Pant?

Grab the development version from here:

and share your feedback here:

@inkscape Cool stuff. I implemented snapping in Akira for fun in a week or so. So there is no excuse for more apps to have this. I found some odd similarities to my work in some parts of the inkscape implementation, I hope just coincidences ;). But as an inkscape user, I look forward to the feature being improved. It was a bit crashy when I tested it.

@lordofallcubes Thanks for trying it out! Please report the crashes, if you find how to reproduce them.

@inkscape I looked at this once again and it is truly wonderful. Thank you for making Inkscape it is useful.

@ademalsasa Thank you for helping Inkscape through testing! Much appreciated.

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