Calling all beta testers!

Over 200 bug-fixes later, Inkscape 1.1beta has launched and is ready for you to test away!

Your help will improve the final 1.1 version that will launch later this Spring.

Download it here:

@inkscape Looks very promising from the release notes!

Any plans for official Flatpak beta builds?

@tbernard I don't think so, no. We're currently still working on snap and ppa.

If you want to tackle that task, join us at .

@inkscape I think @brainblasted tried to contribute a manifest a few years back but it didn't go anywhere :(

@inkscape Found the MR:

Seems like it was closed due to a misunderstanding? The in-repo manifest is for development and has nothing to do with the release being on Flathub.

@ahangarha Make sure to send your blocker bug info to the testing team - either in the chat or in the bug report linked from our post.

@ahangarha If you see it as a blocker, you can still let the testing team know about it.

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