Heads up!

Our latest Inkscope podcast edition is hot off the editing floor! Host Tim Jones interviews designer and Inkscape artist Chris Rogers.

Catch it on Inkscape's YouTube channel here:

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Have you considered getting an account on @tilvids to promote the opensource alternative #peertube ,?

@lps @inkscape

I love Inkscape, it's an excellent example of open-source software and community! More than welcome to post videos to #PeerTube community!

@lps @tilvids Just asked our uploader to clarify licensing on the video. When that is clear, it should be possible for someone new to setup and take care of a peertube account for Inkscape.

The concrete instance ... (personal opinion follows) mmh, is there one that sounds more official?...

If someone wants to tackle this, join us in

@inkscape @tilvids if you haven't heard of it Tilvids is at the moment one of the best curated edu-tainment peertube instances without the undesirable content that makes its way onto some larger instances.

Take a look at the about video to see for yourself. You'll be in good company.

@lps @inkscape

One of my goals for the TILvids community is to host (and even create, when possible) video content/explainer videos for open-source projects. So I think any content from Inkscape would have a good home in our community. :)

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