Hey :inkscape:'ers, in August an official Inkscape forum will replace a couple older forums. Come register, look around and join in some vector-filled conversations:

@hyde_stevenson There was some lively debate about the forum, but Mastodon wasn't ever brought up as an alternative. That may be because Mastodon serves a somewhat different need. That's not to say it couldn't ever happen.

@inkscape Sure it's different but it could be a good alternative and a platform to bring people on the fediverse instead of twitter & co. 😉

@inkscape guys, it’s 2019, can the forums not incorporate a responsive design? The experience isn’t very good on mobile, and that’s how most people will use it I imagine. 😕

It would be nice a subforum for other languages like spanish. :thaenkin:

@inkscape No way, a unified forum and unified account for both and the forum?
2 big questions:
- Will you migrate the data from the old ones (like blenderartists did)?
- Why not Discourse ?

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