Have a story idea about the :inkscape: project that should be on our web site? We want to know about it! Reply with your idea(s) & how you can help us tell it.

(Please boost, just because you're amazing like that!)

@TheOuterLinux @inkscape

We're interested in anything that would make for an interesting piece of news!

That includes success stories, fun facts, tips and tricks, interviews, and whatever you can think of and maybe also help with.

See examples here:

@Moini @TheOuterLinux @inkscape
Oh...Well, after viewing this video:
I went from "avoiding because manipulating Bezier curves with points hurts my brain" to "doing an entire book cover in Inkscape like a boss without having to draw a mask ever."
The set mask tree background transparency thing he does around 16-17 minutes blew my mind. You could probably do a whole feature on that, or on using Inkscape for photomanips for book authors.

@AesAthena @TheOuterLinux @inkscape

I've forwarded your idea to the gitlab thread. In case someone were to ask you, would you be okay with answering a couple of questions for an article? (no promises, just collecting possible options here! May also take a very long time until that happens.)

@inkscape Yeah, do you want success stories, or feature suggestions, or...?

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