Watch the pilot episode of !

The format is still a work-in-progress. Still, we hope you enjoy @doctormo @ryangorley and Tim Jones talk .

@inkscape @doctormo @ryangorley
Great, I'll watch but hosting it on #peertube as well would be a great thing:)

@inkscape I must agree that it would be particularly delightful to see this wonderful podcast on #PeerTube.

Maybe if we ask @Curator very very nicely they'll provide you some space on

@Blort @ChrisWere @inkscape @Curator Well,Funkwhale isn't really meant for podcasts but for music. Podcasts are relatively easy to selfhost and it's very adapted to podcatchers.However, they seem to want to add a bit of video so I thinnk it warrants a possible addition to #peertube.

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