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I have a TikTok now because YT does literally nothing for me ever.

Follow me if you'd like, I do paintings, witch shit, and diy sometimes

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Heyo! My name is Dee, I'm a 26 year old indigenous bisexual woman (she/her) living in the Southern USA. I do traditional artworks, write articles about video games and mental health, read gay and anarchist propaganda with my evening tea. Please buy my shit.
IG: @ in_deedee

Recommend me a good vampire book, can be YA or super horror idc

Added an old paintbrush handle to this vintage bat Halloween decoration my grandma found. Painted it orange/black stripes. It's kinda cute!

I have large breasts and I'm looking into chest binders, any advice?

Negative, mental health 

Can't do this shit anymore. I need someone to help take care of me but I can't express my needs clearly

The Undertaker introduced Pitbull to the audience at The Crown Jewel show in Saudi Arabia.
Honestly nothing is real.

Covid, morbid, joking but also maybe not 

What if I legit died when I caught covid from work and choked to death. I could NOT fucking breathe. What if I just straight up died then.

Making Cryptid Ornaments for Halloween! Number five is The Skunk Ape from Florida marshes. Stinky boi.

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Mental health, negative 

Wow nobody honestly gives a flying fuck about me.

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Mental health, negative 

Can't remember last time I've showered. I just can't get myself to do it.


Just submitted application

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Can Karina from Drawfee survive two minutes without being horny


Going to apply for the new Amazon warehouse because I don't value my life anymore so who fucking cares.

I'm thinking about starting a different "business" that's not art related cuz I'm not having any success doing what I'm doing. Sigh.

I post very short videos of my cryptid Ornaments being painted on my YouTube and TikTok.

Making Cryptid Ornaments for Halloween! Number four is The Greys or Little Grey Men!
Was on the fence if aliens counted as cryptids but I think they do.

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