Someday we will go back home...

A painting I made for my older brother's birthday. We have a special connection to the planet Jupiter that is too personal and too long to narrate here.

I am really proud of this piece.

I had forgotten to post this here. Some art I made for the fic "Coming Out Of My Cage".

A sculpture of my Nat!

I got a pack of clay on Fridag and started working on it after work.
I am so proud of this, given I hadn't sculpted anything since 2013.

I might do this again if I get more clay. Maybe I'll do some of my other characters. Who knows! I had fun!

I made an illustration for volume 26 of the Espora literary magazine (Mexico). This number is dedicated to LGBT experiences and I made a piece from my trans perspective.
Here is the link to it, I am on page 12.

I made an illustration for volume 26 of the Espora literary magazine (Mexico). This number is dedicated to LGBT experiences. Check it out on page 12!

I did a piece titled "Sueño de Primavera" (Spring dream) about being trans.

Midnight snack.
I wanted to paint my boy Max having a nice soda at 3am like normal people do. It was a challenge to paint with a "night" palette and a different perspective as I usually do.

Lost within the cave that is himself, he who shall never BE again looks from the shadows.

This started as a doodle that I got attached with, which seems to be my art process. So, like, Dirk Strider and Alpha Dirk in the back.

My ultimate dream is to live in a cottage and work at a library... maybe some day; I am already getting ready to study library science, so I am definitely working towards that.

I like the version without the full background, so I am uploading that one too.
I guess it is sort of a self portrait?

Doodling while listening to a podcast. I think this is going to be my new piece.

And there, among the flowers, they became.

I am really proud of this one, it came from a random doodle in my sketchbook that I wanted to pursue.

I started this not knowing where I was going, but it always leads to these two.

First experiment on Clip Studio. I think it went well.

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This weekend I started using Clip Studio Paint instead of PS. I wanted to try something new and honestly I am very much enjoying it, despite having to fiddle for hours with the brushes to get them to my liking.

It is pretty intuitive and the degree to which you can edit settings is really cool.

I am painting Dirk to test it all out.

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Two of my original characters; Max and Nat.
One day I will write their story.

Cowboys are frequently secretly fond of each other. I was in a mood.


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