My OC Nat, the raddest 16yo girl, forever stuck in the late 90's-early-00's.

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Abortion access is a disability rights issue.

Abortion access is a trans rights issue.

Abortion access is a feminist issue.

Abortion access is a class issue.

Abortion access is a human rights issue.

I'm not trying to say it's easy
But I'm trying to say it's fine

A portrait of - Sorority Noise

"But the battle is, the trouble is, and don't forget the answer, is inside."

My latest piece.
All of my art is vent art if you look close enough.

"I don't know what we're doing, I don't know what we've done. But the fire is coming, so I think we should run."

Maraia, one of the characters of this novel that lives in my head and hopefully one day I will put to paper. She is trans, iconic, and running from the law.

I will post some of my new art later today. I deleted Twitter a couple weeks ago but also forgot I had this account. I have been mostly posting my art over at IG (as ImpMakesArt).

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Open your eyes, child, and rise, for you have been chosen this day among many. Open your eyes, child, you are reborn.

Another piece on the holy nature of being trans.


I realized I haven't posted here in more than a year... so let's fix that.

A piece part of my Holy Nature series, which explores the transness as holiness.

One of the pieces I made for this year's DeanCas Big Bang, for the fic "Trouble All My Days". One of my favorite pieces.

Art for the Asexual Supernatural Mini Bang, for the fic "Inside Jokes". An incredibly cute little fic with asexual Castiel that made my heart skip.

A piece I made for this year's Team Free Will Big Bang, for a fantastic fic called The Silence Of Souls.

Someday we will go back home...

A painting I made for my older brother's birthday. We have a special connection to the planet Jupiter that is too personal and too long to narrate here.

I am really proud of this piece.

I had forgotten to post this here. Some art I made for the fic "Coming Out Of My Cage".

A sculpture of my Nat!

I got a pack of clay on Fridag and started working on it after work.
I am so proud of this, given I hadn't sculpted anything since 2013.

I might do this again if I get more clay. Maybe I'll do some of my other characters. Who knows! I had fun!

I made an illustration for volume 26 of the Espora literary magazine (Mexico). This number is dedicated to LGBT experiences and I made a piece from my trans perspective.
Here is the link to it, I am on page 12.

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