this is my short game for the "MEOWER UP!" -
"a forest without owners" is a narrative game/experimental for one human player and one but probably more stray/feral cat player(s).


so this is a random artwork made during a 5-minutes break, and i would like to use it as a

PS: i have the vector files of this if you want to use and edit them! feel free to ask!

currently i'm playing art sqool by julian glander, and here's the drawing i made for this theme: "draw a hole and fill it"!
soon i will share some artworks made with the tools of the game <3

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@illud "We can stay together while we fade away", that's a really moving ending: loved it.

some days ago i released my new experiment: an interactive love letter made with during the second mouse movement !

you can play the game using only your touchpad/mouse (it should also run on mobile devices, even if it's not the best way to play it)!

i would be happy to receive comments, ideas and opinions about it! <3 :)

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what about bundling our efforts to create a real free graphics suite? let's fork #scribus as glumpse, #inkscape as glampse, and #krita as klimpse!

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i'm trying to work on a new game, but i'm having a hard time with the creation of a custom font! Hope to make my jam submission in time...

this is my latest project: Noumenal Reflexes, a short made during the Art Competition on!

the theme of the was "self portrait". i tried to answer this question: how could inanimate objects be able to create (what we call) self-portraits?

this is my first post here! i'm so happy to be in this wonderful instance!

what can i say?
... oh, yes!
hey, everyone, your art is wonderful!!! <3

i love video games, music, art, comics, poetry, photos and mysterious places.
i try to make stuff in my free time:

i do everything i do as an !

thank you for your attention, hope you have a nice day :)


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