my friend has started a Kickstarter for a new pin collection! Just want to help spread the word! Please share and help out! Thank you!


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Hi everyone! Just want to share a pin business my friend just made!

She just started and I want to try and give her a small boost! So if you like cats and cat pins please share it around or make a purchase! Every pin donates a dollar to the Toronto cat rescue! Here is a link to her Instagram as well!

Thanks everyone! Any help is appreciated!

haven't posted in a while. have some sketches I made and are okay I guess. Just practicing a different style.

another character portrait! Not quite happy with the proportions, would like my character sketches to feel a bit more realistic.

did a zbrush sketch a while ago and decided to make a procedural skin shader in octane for it. so no uving required and it glows a little!!

just some faces I did in my spare timeeee nothing fancy. Just trying to sketch a open mouth from my head and what not.

just thought I'd share a sketch I did last night. Just getting back into doing paintings! So here is a super green forest!

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Thought I'd put together a WIP gif of making the house interior. Better late than never :'D

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