back and still not sure how to interact here so if anyone wants to jump in for an art trade or something hmu

A quick from outside the bar "plankan" in Gothenburg. The was applied afterwards in

Cheer's !

I dont think I have enough in my plate to call myself a furry, but I could definitely be a curry (cat furry)

Hi there, mastodon people ☆
It's been a while, but I have a Ko-Fi now!

I'm saving to buy a tablet, so if anyone wants to help out I'll be doing small doodle commissions, just leave the refs + an email adress on the ko-fi description so I know what to draw and where to send it,, ♡

Academic research 

Tonight on Star Trek: Voyager
Captain Janeway finds out the true meaning of Christmas but could have solved everything if there was any continuity in the series.

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