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[gif; mild flashing or eye strain]

oh no she's in your computer now oh no

I normally cannot stand drawing using a smartphone but I was stuck out in public waiting for a while, so, yeah

I'm very aware this is straight up hard to read and I'll probably make a black and white or high contrast version later but ๐Ÿคท anyway here's my oc's name currently


so I was gonna make rose tea and try putting milk in it today but then drank the last of the milk in chocolate milk without realizing because I am a fool

is .social any good? I'm just thinking of making a personal / generic content alt.

I still don't understand what tiktok is exactly or what's it like but months later I still can't get over that these 2 phรบt hฦกn kids weren't even putting effort into the mememe dance

went back and added some minor effects in because I think it looks cool this way โœŒ๏ธ


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first pass wip
needs a LOT more work but,, just sharing because I like it so far I guess

I'm back home from visiting family, and I'm now a 23 year old I guess ?

ehh the sketch itself is kinda wonky but. whatever I like the colors in the end I guess

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