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[nsfw games] 

it's been literal years since I've drawn / colored like this, I don't even know how anymore and it's so time consuming. rip

1995 kusanagi motoko: *exists*

me: I am gay and I must scream

🎶 わたしだけじゃ わたしだけじゃない

ah yes. the maid waitress and the cutesy clumsy thing.

hmmm, I'm back on my desktop (yaay) and I'm working on redoing my workspace

but I need to find that balance between Study Office Aesthetic and Obvious Weeb In Denial

I am officially stranded to my laptop for now

also I moved her pigtails down a tiny bit, I think it's cute

my desktop will be unplugged for a little while soon so I guess I should really work on filling up those sketchbooks. shrug

all these invader zim fans now but does anyone still care about jthm?? :<

was just doodling to doodle and this turned out ok I guess so, new icon sure

wonky as heck casual doodle of myself because I like drawing myself

tracer overwatch but she's in the sonic adventure pose

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