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dear new mastodon people,

why you should consider my artwork for your next vocaloid etc. pv:

-I do not have commissions set up so I'll do it for $0
-according to multiple sources, my art is cute

thank you for your time

I don't even care for miku that much actually. I should draw tianyi more......

I wanted to baby step out of my comfort zone today

so here's a laughable attempt at arthas I guess

an attempt at the troika from spiral knights except I didn't draw the leaves, oh well

some sorta thing while I was away visiting family and didn't have a pc

first drawing of the year, I wanna see how much I can improve this year! πŸŽ‰

I was gonna draw piano too but I guess I didn't

late last night I couldn't remember where the bgm in my head was coming from and I assumed it might've been crash bandicoot? but I couldn't find it

this morning I remembered immediately that actually, it was kid chameleon

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