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oc ref post:

name: "Twil" Project 2203
age: 18
gender: ♀️
likes: video games, cicadas, cute things

a mech AI voice overlay + android who loves her cyborg mech pilot girlfriend, and goes to university robotics classes with her, but really just wants to be the #1 cutest internet pop idol.

(images are from 2018 but her design hasn't particularly changed.)

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another one I guess - palette: resurrect 32 by kerrie lake

a tiny practice house! made with sprytile + the pear 36 palette by pinetreepizza

[wc3] ah I'm going to miss the old ghoul models in reforged. they're so cute, it just wouldn't be the same u_u

for a while now I've wanted to get into Serious Gaming but I'm not particularly good at any game I enjoy, save mayyyybe wow since I admittedly tend to get "nice heals" comments......

and as an openly autistic nb lesbian... I'm just afraid of the gamer community lol. I mean obv tons of people are not like that, but. you know.

hey people with a 3ds and drawing software! which one do you prefer?

I have colors 3d, art academy, and pokemon art academy if it counts. I'm asking because my dsi with inchworm animation on it is probably dead and I don't like sketching on my phone at all. thanks

pictured: recent drawing in colors

I could maybe probably start recording timelapses though... who knows......??

brother: "you should stream your art"
me: (remembers one time I did and spent an hour endlessly reworking a hand)
me: "n-nah,"

still struggling with art stuff but I think I managed to paint something today at least

oh this was a warmup sketch but I never drew anything afterward hmm



I mean critique is valid as its own thing but besides that

I used to draw really long necks but one (1) person said it was weird so I stopped

now I try not to care

I'm going to angry play arathi blizzard because my autism brain cares too much about video games


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