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other notes:

-he studies language, and understands thalassian and some darnassian
-he writes in journals a lot
-enjoys calligraphy
-also a major introvert and a loner
-but he enjoys the company of birds
-he's autistic and particularly sensitive to sound
-he's a trans guy
-herbalist + scribe

hi! I'm fairly (very) anxious about it but I impulse made a casual blizzard-centric gaming discord server specifically for wlw + nblw, to be social and make friends and play games together. I rly hope that's not too specific lol

(it's also very under construction so help would be awesome ;v;)

I'd rather not post the link out in the open yet so you can dm me for an invite💖 or boosting is appreciated too!

well I made this to use as reference for a painting but it just kinda looks nice imo.

hi it's 9 am and I don't know how to sketch with actual pencils I guess

lmao hey you guys wanna see what happens when I don't mirror the canvas at all the whole time, feat. trying to draw with my dad's shield tablet

can't wait to go to the fine arts museum soon and be gay my lads

[nsfw-ish? attraction talk] 

wait so, when tumblr says "female presenting nipples" does that include, like... a lot of old, notable paintings + sculptures...?

so I was thinking like... what if I took my main and... put her in my other (fantasy) universe... (design probably not final lol)

(I'm feeling unusually social today)

hi are there any specifically lgbt+ artist discord servers? thanks

this post is intended to be humorous, a joke, but, like...... 🤷

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