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[pin toot] I made a ko-fi pageπŸŽ‰ it's not much right now as I'm figuring it out, but link is in my profile.

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[irl me photos] 

my outfit from halloween because attention seeking hours

I just, want to be... soft,

man I wish I knew how to like, illustrate original concepts but all I want to do is draw my oc 🀷

[kinda eye strain]

this gave me a literal headache for three days

don't know how to draw pokemon so I decided not to care, anyway here's low effort turtwig

seeing artwork of plus size girls sometimes makes me feel better about myself, and I want to draw them more often,

so, an attempt at a self indulgent chubby miku 🀷

sometimes drawing her hair reminds me of either grass or a tiny sprout.

what if, her hair was in braids instead. something to think about

[WoW fanart] it feels like seven years since I did a more painty thing so I forgot how

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