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an artist confession:

I like searching cute makeup for inspiration and reference, and I also really like doll faceups. ✨

done with oculus rift + autodesk sketchbook because... I can?

also I was able to paint something in sketchbook earlier! it was like drawing with a wiimote?? it was weird but enjoyable

my brother got an oculus rift so I'm 👀 (blows dust off of blender)

some notes about him:

-he's a broody moody drama queen and nobody understands

-he really likes sweets (and mana sweets but what mage doesn't I guess)

-he basically lives his everyday life out of spite, relatable

-his hands have burn scars

-I kinda want him to progress from a fire mage to a blood mage, and I want to use a halo in his design but my younger brother said it was better without one...... undecided

-he's a blacksmith because fire

guess I'll start doing all those fancy watercolor/marker effects again when I relearn what the heck I'm doing haha

I was gonna post this earlier but I thought it was bad and now I don't care

anyway I got more watercolor pencils

based on an old-ish photo of myself

I need practice doing portraits ;-;

every time I don't draw for a few days I'm just like, okay how do I do this again uhhhhhh

got banned from an lgbt site for being under 18

I'm 20

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