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[pin toot] I made a ko-fi pageπŸŽ‰ it's not much right now as I'm figuring it out, but link is in my profile.

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I have the tools

I have the skills

do I have the patience?

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now, typically, I don't do the thing where I imagine my ocs set to music I'm listening to, but 碠色 genuinely just makes me want to make an animation/mv of them

hey remember when I briefly put this much effort into coloring/shading last year? yeah

today I am curious about people's opinions on rp talking in a druid form 🍿

[WoW fanart] it feels like seven years since I did a more painty thing so I forgot how

as a lesbian, you cannot separate me from my image folders full of art of android/cyborg women with various cables connected to them

I'm sure this is pretty common knowledge, but knowing it from the get go would have made a lot more sense and made things easier for me, so I just felt like sharing.

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when I first moved from 2.79 to 2.8 and 2.9, I didn't know how to use nodes and missed the shadeless material option.

I had googled for some sort of answer, but what kept coming up was to set an emission shader to 1.0 strength.

but imo a much better, easier to comprehend solution I had figured out is:

use material nodes, but change the input to rgb, image texture, vertex color, etc. whatever you use for materials, and just connect it directly to material output. no shader nodes.

my brother helped me pick up my workspace today. I need to hang things up on the wall again sometime

WoW, 9.1 announcement cinematic spoilers? 

very "succeeding you, father" vibes πŸ€”

rewatching GITS 1995 

I know everybody gifs the moment kusanagi wakes up + moves her hand (at the end of making of cyborg) but

actually my favorite shot is after that when her silhouette walks offscreen and grabs her coat and comes back. idk why. I just like it.

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