👨‍🔧 Artist: #lucazamoc in - City: #Brescia Italy 🇮🇹 - Title: "I'll Magglio" - (📷 by inartegin) #streetart #mastoart #art #mural #urbanart

AI art, metallic opalescent sphere thing in ocean 

I don't know what this is but it came out really nice XD

"an iridescent opalescent blob on the bottom of the ocean floor, photorealistic, DLSR, octane render, 8k, cinematic lighting"

Hey, wanna adopt a starry critter? anaisfae.art/shop
I have a bunch of original art available and it'd be nice if I could sell some as I need money. Boosts appreciated, thanks!

(I'm going out soon so if you get something before that I'll ship it today, otherwise it'll be next week)

Just for size reference.. The Dragon is sitting on our full size leather loveseat!! 🤯🤯😁😁 Had to use a washing machine box to ship it freight to the customer!! 🤯🤯 It ended up 8 feet long, with 5.5 feet wide wings! Weighed 30 pounds! Literally 7.1 Miles of yarn! #Crochet #Crocheted #fiberarts @fiberarts

Early one October, I noticed this leaf on my driveway after a rainfall. I love how the water drops magnify the veins in the leaf and how they're all so varied in size.
#MastoArt #photography #blackandwhite #artreference

Heute kamen im Fedi bei #neuhier einige Fragen bez.eines FollowBots auf. Ich habe das mal versucht etwas zu erklären. Vielleicht hilft es euch.

#Fediverse #Föderation


fluffy bird but eye contact 

Female Eastern Bluebird | Rotkehl-Hüttensängerweibchen

Doodlebrink does fun little doodles rather than hugely serious works of art. You can follow at:

➡️ @doodlebrink

(The account is in German, but it's almost entirely a visual account where language doesn't matter.)

#DoodleBrink #Doodle #Doodles #Doodler #Doodlers #Art #Artist #Artists #Cartoon #Cartoonist #Cartoonists #Deutsch #Fun #Humour #Humor #Drawing #Drawings

I’ve got a new linocut print for y’all! 🐝🍯

Isn’t she just the cutest? These 8x10 prints are now available on my shop! Link in my bio.

I’ve been having such a deep appreciation for the bees this spring. Sometimes when so many things seem frustrating in the world—it helps to center myself on one issue that I feel I can actually help improve. I mean, the bees and many insects literally work so hard to keep us humans alive and healthy on this earth, and the least I can do is show you the beauty I see in them through one of my favorite languages… ART!

If you love bees leave me a sweet little bee emoji in the comments!
#beesforever #bees #linocut #mastoartist #MastoArt #Artwork #Art

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