@unfa zynaddsubfx is not the same as zyn-fusion, is it?

@unfa i have problems getting ardour to work. Jack seems to be the problem. Any hints?

The decision is made, my project for the upcoming weekend is:
Reconfigure my with a new system profile for as a digital audio workstation using as audio bus and maybe even as DE.

I hope I can make it to a working setup in one weekend.

If this music producing thing works out well in the next months, I'll buy myself monitor speakers or nice headphones and maybe a controller for xmas.

hey @unfa are you using any additional hardware for music production? I mean besides instruments like guitar or such, like a midi controller for example?

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I'm still pissed about the destruction of the Library of Alexandria.

@unfa just watched your video on OSS for music production. Awesome! Thanks a lot!

I'm thinking about trying to make electronic music and am a long-term linux user (about 10years now) ... Your video encouraged me even more to try!

Langsam aber sicher hab ich genug Mukke durchgehört um damit richtig geile Sets zu bauen

Das Boot Trance mixes are like *whuuuaaaah I have to use this in one of my mixes*!

And had a shower afterwards. *awesome*

Ich frag mich ja wie viele Familien dieses Jahr nicht in den Sommerurlaub geflogen/fahren/schippert sind weil die Tochter des Hauses meinte das geht nicht wegen

There's no such thing like "too much bass"!

Am listening to new songs for my next set.

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