another hour invested into starting ardour and no sound ...

How are you supposed to be productive if not even that works? Let alone the clumsy handling?

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Why am I allowed to move midi notes up and down the scale, but not back and forth?

Nobody knows...

I can literally spend hours every time I start until it actually outputs sound to my headphones.

Audio in is so fuckin broken.

And why can I resize the height of a track, but not when it is in a group?

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Now I try to play hithats, but I fail to actually record them the way I want.

Adding them manually does not work because I fight the editor view for literally minutes for simply making a region in a midi track that is the same length as my kick drum.

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Simple thing: I played 8 beats of kick drum into one midi track.

Took me literally minutes until I found what to check to hear them after the recording.

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I'm starting to use but I honestly think I'm just too dumb for this tool.

Synthesizing a freakin kick drum is so hard.

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#Sonoj convention starting right now.
It's about #Linux, it's about #audio but it's also about #music and #musicians

There is a live stream for those busy with kids, music, cooking, work or doing #musicproduction


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All is fine, but the #Nouveau driver performs about 4x slower than the proprietary one with my #GTX1060.
Gotta sell this sucker...
Nvidia sucks for Linux-based content creators!

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@unfa zynaddsubfx is not the same as zyn-fusion, is it?

@unfa i have problems getting ardour to work. Jack seems to be the problem. Any hints?

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