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I'm just naming everything after lyrics from that one Modest Mouse song now.

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🇬🇧 Yesterday, the regulation on #chatcontrol was adopted by the EU Parliament: a sad day for all those who rely on free and confidential communications and advice, including abuse victims and press sources. This is how the Parliament’s groups voted:

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Displate have a SPACE offer today, 26% off when buying 2 or 32% off for 3 with the code SPACETRIP. I happen to have a few space themed pieces in my store... 😄

Since I'm still new here, here is a small #presentation / #introduction .

I'm Nico, a freelance pixel artist, #ditherpunk occasional fake 1bit photographer, floppy disk lover, cheap old camera collector and old tech enthusiast. 💾​🌿​

My thoughts on the movie Wrong Turn, some audience reviews of it I read on Rotten Tomatoes, and the idea that it is "woke".

Friend: It's impossible to guess a Wheel of Fortune puzzle with no letters


I adapted this from a gemlog post which has less of the basics of what is, so if you're already on there maybe read that instead: gemini://gemini.hyperlinkyourh

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It used to be that when you read a newspaper, the newspaper did not also read you. When you watched TV, your TV did not also watch you…

Today when you read, over two dozen organisations whose trackers are embedded on the site also read you. When you watch YouTube, YouTube also watches you.

This is not some tin-foil hat conspiracy theory, it’s simply the business model of mainstream technology. I call this business model people farming.

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