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I haven't updated my blog with my artwork in a long time, so here's a round-up of what I worked on the last 7 months or so

Mini-timelapse. I created a rough 3D model as the basis for this one to simplify getting the perspective right. I think it worked well!

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Got it down to 539kB now by switching all my pixel art to 1x resolution and switching a few PNGs to JPEGs. The whole site is just over 1MB now.

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I made some improvements - after much experimentation with dithered PNGs, I ended up switching to WEBPs, reducing the size of the front page by over 50%, with scope for further improvement still

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Seems like it's hard to do better than an appropriately cropped, low quality jpeg.

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"Saying the quiet part out loud," is a cliche, but like so many shopworn phrases, it has its roots in real truths that bear repetition.

Back in 2017, a bunch of Wall Street bros *shouted* the quiet part out loud.

The occasion was an American Airlines earnings call in which management revealed that the company had recorded solid profits and was going to use some of them to bring pilots and flight-attendants wages up to parity with Delta and United.


Oh boy, I'm having to fix some VB6 code today! I love how the IDE freaks out if every line isn't completely correct right away and won't let you move to other lines ha ha

I'd love to get involved in an open source project written in Python. The Python ones never seem to be things I would use myself though... Like I appreciate Funkwhale, but I have no use for it - I might use Pixelfed, but it's written in PHP

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Just wanna make art and games and write little things in Python, and not learn stupid Java like I have to for my stupid job

Interestingly, the overall rating is exactly the same as my LD 41 entry, Guerrilla Gardening, but the placing is much worse. The rating is higher than many of my previous entries which placed much higher. I suppose that's the result of a much greater number of entries 🤷‍♂️

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results are in! Out of Gas didn't do as well as I'd hoped, but 99th in the graphics category is nice! Post-jam version is still in-progress

John Steinbeck diagnosed an important American pathology in 1966 when he called the US a nation of "temporarily embarrassed capitalists" - people who see themselves as the wealthy-in-waiting and therefore fight policies that reduce the power that comes from wealth.


It's funny, I have no analytics on my blog, but on I can see that 6 people came from there in the last 30 days, meaning it has at least 6 more readers than I thought it would have

Haze character portrait in-game. Probably not finished, but enough for me to move on to another character.

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