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Happy Christmas lovely people! Here's a wreath I painted a few years ago, and wreath I made today!

“A female colleague and [I] had dared to discuss wage transparency and gender pay gap in the office … Unfortunately we miscalculated – our boss Matthias was beyond furious. After that office meeting, he told my colleague ‘there will be consequences.’ … I want to expose the hypocrisy and double standards in FSFE leadership. How the organisation ‘promoting’ transparency, equality and inclusivity treats employees and more specifically women.”

Long-term study of 18 rich countries counters the argument that policies favouring the rich eventually feed through to the rest of the economy.

Go raibh míle maith agat whoever bought a James Connolly print on Displate a couple of days ago! I hope he looks good on yer wall!

Love how Microsoft started discouraging config files in application directories, and also introduced a system of app configuration that involves xml config files in the application directory

I watched Ready Player One recently and wrote down a few of my thoughts about it. TL;DR - fun but shallow, with a frustrating centrist political perspective.

Many thanks to whoever bought a print of Apollo 11 from my Displate shop today! 🙇‍♂️

Made a few tweaks


Probably should also have mentioned in the last toot that this is based on concepts from my game "Just a Robot", which I have started working on again this month after a long hiatus.

While you're boycotting Amazon today, consider quenching your spend-lust with a print of my fine pixeled arts instead (links to my shops in my profile)

The "shitty technology adoption curve" describes the arc of oppressive technology: when you have a manifestly terrible idea, you can't ram it down the throats of rich, powerful people who get to say no. You have to find people whose complaints no one will listen to.


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