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It's inevitable: whenever I talk about the need to curb concentrated power in the tech sector, someone comes along to ask why I only care about tech - why not do something about concentration in telecoms or entertainment?

That's not wrong, but it's not right either. Yes, telecoms and entertainment are grotesquely concentrated and abuse their monopoly power to the great detriment of the rest of us.


Building a .Net project on the commandline, it failed and told me to try using a particular switch. I tried it and the switch didn't exist πŸ˜‘

Love you Microsoft! ❀️

One of my clients has migrated their SVN repo to GIT, and it's just a whole bunch of unrelated projects in one big repo, as well as all the tags and branches from SVN on separate paths. I cry 😭

Writing in Project Syndicate, Mariana Mazzucato warns of a looming wave of "climate lockdowns" - harsh limits on our normal activities triggered by runaway effects of the neglected climate emergency:

Those of us in the American west have just lived through one of these lockdowns, as the pandemic made it potentially lethal to see others indoors, while the wildfire smoke made it likewise untenable to do anything outdoors as our skies turned postapocalyptic blood-red.


Blacklight is a new "realtime web privacy inspector" from The Markup: you give a URL, and it gives you back a realtime snapshot of the trackers on that page.

Though you may think of this as a "gotcha" tool that lets you see how the site you visit are nonconsensually harvesting your data, a core audience for this tool is web publishers, who often have no idea how the partners they trust invite others to the party.


I finished my desk! It was a lot of work but it was worth it because it's real pretty.

I wired my house with ethernet and now I'm getting full use of my broadband!

under communism there is only one planet and we all have to share it

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