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Lovecraft Country had a really intense, sinister energy, until the monsters appeared

going through one of those phases where I want to switch to a tiling window manager and learn vim and do everything on the command line and live a cool, aesthetic life

The installation process for Arch sure is laborious. I'm not sure I can maintain this level of linuxery

oh my god check this out

this just might be the coolest thing i have seen in my entire life

I love the fediverse. People here are so full of great suggestions and ideas 💞

I went walking in the hills above my town just after sunset yesterday. Unfortunately my phone camera couldn't really capture the colours I saw 😢 It's hard to get references of such fleeting moments to use for painting

I wanna follow more folks on here, my feed is too sparse. I'm interested in #gamedev, #anarchism, #coops, #boardgames, #urbanism and like... cool chill creative folks who talk about things other than the news. Who should I follow?

I don't think I mentioned it before, but I built a portfolio site for myself recently.


What I should probably do for all the other themes is make sure their background colours are used for all text, though I'm not really a fan of how text with a background colour set looks in the terminal.

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I'm back working on my renderer.

I think I mentioned adding ANSI escape sequence support before, but it's a bit tricky to actually use because people could have different settings for their terminals that would make many syntax highlighting themes with very specific colours illegible. So I added my own (Ice Gopher) that only uses the basic ANSI colours, since those will probably be tailored to the user's environment.

position: -0.5396562531498821 + 0.5369675798223392i
pixel width: 7.134512745529244e-07

Coronavirus, conspiracism 

It's frustrating seeing any uncertainty over the accuracy of tests expressed in scientific literature twisted into talk of a hoax, or a reason to abandon any attempt to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Even if there were no possible tests we should still take steps to prevent the spread.

There's a lot of "kids these days" energy in VirtuaVerse, and as a jaded old man myself, I absolutely love it


One thing I did remember about the movie, and which I think stands out even more now, is how shallow its conception of fascism is. Once the leader and his lieutenant are taken out, the military just lay down their weapons and everything goes back to normal. As if the regime wouldn't have spent their 15 years in power purging the ranks of the military of everything but true believers, and society at large of all significant political opposition.

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COVID conspiracism 

And what amuses me most about that is that the same people who think the coronavirus is an engineered bio-weapon are the ones saying we should allow it to spread uncontrolled through the population.

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I watched V for Vendetta last night, and I had completely forgotten about the false flag epidemic plot element. The conspiracist community must be having a field day with that lol

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