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How is a Philip K Dick novel like a super burrito?

Both are awesome and both completely fall apart when you get close to the end.

4k made in JWildfire.

I have a new CPU and rendering these is nice and fast now. I'm going to try 8k next! UBERFRACTAL

I started on a title screen for my game yesterday. I think the text is quite pretty. Definitely a step up from the title screen of my last game

Also planning to start doing short process timelapse gifs of my art as well as my full timelapses. Here's an excerpt from the piece I am currently working on. What do you think?

Worked on the girl some today. This piece is taking a lot longer than I expected! I feel like it's starting to come together though.

Just added menus to CGA Hell, this has got to be the first time I've made a proper menu for one of my games. Godot's UI stuff is nice to work with. #gamedev #GodotEngine

Not sure if this is a warning for me or a threat to any other wasps in the area... 🤔

I found a great website once for visualising global trade statistics - very dynamic, dark theme, data going back into the last century... Now I can't find it! Anybody know the one I'm talking about?

That feels about right I think. Have him boosting onto the next stage from off screen as well, which is part of what I originally had in mind.

Maybe something like this will do. Doesn't quite match my ambitions, but not quite so abrupt at least!

Abrupt transitions. No good... Seems like a nice transition will take a lot of code though.

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