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Not sure if this is a warning for me or a threat to any other wasps in the area... πŸ€”

I found a great website once for visualising global trade statistics - very dynamic, dark theme, data going back into the last century... Now I can't find it! Anybody know the one I'm talking about?

That feels about right I think. Have him boosting onto the next stage from off screen as well, which is part of what I originally had in mind.

Maybe something like this will do. Doesn't quite match my ambitions, but not quite so abrupt at least!

Ahh Twitch is owned by Amazon? I definitely shouldn't have streamed today

Here some pictures of my "NOIR" series. Made June 2019

βœ–οΈ "Die Bibelvertreterin"
βœ–οΈ "Self-Portrait"
βœ–οΈ "Chat Noir"
βœ–οΈ "Eva"

Streaming some for a few hours - working on a dog and a girl. Here's the current state of it, so a ways to go yet

Been putting what I hope are the finishing touches on the post-jam release of my last entry, People Poker. I got a bit distracted there for a while, but I'm hoping to have it out by the end of the week!

A natural swimming pool complete with its own little ecosystem and array of wildlife. Last night we watched swifts swooping down and picking off insects from the surface. Had a lovely swim among the frogs, tadpoles, water boatmen and dragonflies.

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