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Added a new way to die and/or make progress - people dropping stuff on you. It will come into play once you've already rescued a few people

I mean it's probably been melted down already anyway, might as well scrap the monarchy that goes with it

I hope somebody introduces Jon Snow to the concept of a republic, and the shocking twist at the end of the finale is that nobody ends up sitting on the iron throne.

Wild that mushrooms range from “will kill you immediately” all the way to “great for partying” and somewhere in the middle is “okay on pizza, I guess”

Pixel art nudity, suggestive comment 

I changed the way the tentacles work so that there is a possibility to dodge them, and I also added back in the roll that I had originally intended to include. It's a lot easier now I think.

Anyone have any leads on some remote game dev and game design work? I'm an industry veteran that prefers small teams with a lot of creative latitude. I like prototyping and design and recently have worked heavily with Unity3d and C#.

Resume and portfolio:
#GameDev #GameDesign #Jobs #RemoteWork

socialism hot take 

Hmm, my peertube account seems to have been disappeared...

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