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Any pixel artists who want to help me make a game hmu

I can't think visually but I can do game engine, sfx, networking, optimization, project management...

i just need someone to do the visual shit tbh

A Vintage Grand Piano Gets Reengineered to Play 20 Different Instruments with a Push of Its Keys

Trial & error to the rescue. This is more or less how it is supposed to work, aside from all the debugging crap.

Es hat mal jemand ein #Lego Datacenter gebastelt und eingereicht, aber es kam nie zum Set.

Gibt's dafür irgendwo eine Anleitung und Teileliste?

Ich würde das echt super gerne mal bauen. :)
#36c3 #35c3

If you have submitted patches (or translations) to Mastodon before and they've become part of the software, you can go here:

And submit an invoice for your work 💰

Streaming some more Jetboy Packman (working title) development for a couple of hours. Let's fix this mess!

(Edited for stream link, cos I am a dumb)

Done streaming for now, thanks to anybody who stopped by! More tomorrow maybe...

Now time to make pizza!

turns out the super deep lore reason klingons were bald in discovery is 

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