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Private security infiltration tactics 

GOG is giving away SOMA for free today!

Highly recommend that game, a very good psychological horror game

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About a year ago playing FF14 I tried putting the RP tag in my player info. I'm a man, the character I play is a girl, and I was... unhappy with a lot of the interaction she got. I thought "Wow I wish people didn't always come up and try to badly flirt with me all the time. I wish people didn't assume it was ok to touch me without asking. This makes me feel like an object to be obtained and not a person." Then I realized women in real life can't just turn off the RP tag when they feel that way.

I am sure there is some more stuff that I will want to do on this, but as far as I am concerned - its /fine/ the way it is now.

So I did THIS for a different gift exchange. It has been received and thrown away. Merry fuckin' Christmas.

One day off and I'm already thinking of new projects to work on.

Solar powered web server:

I like these people's goals; even reducing the power requirements of a website and/or using a low power server would be cool, without necessarily giving it its own solar power source.

Thought I'd make a proper post for the magpie I drew for @Corvusrobotica with a WIP animation and everything.

I wish I had the energy to do art on a whim more often!

just because white people couldn't do it doesn't mean it was aliens


...but that's not all.

See, this is not the first frog my mother has bought me. For my birthday last year?


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