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Took a gamble on some windows only games in the steam sale, hoping I can get them to run under Wine...

Ireland, and probably a bunch of other countries, also have this offer. Just check the top banner on the RedBubble site to confirm the code to use.

Wow, quite the Steam sale on. This is going to be hard on my wallet...

Today I'm releasing YumemiSushi, a surreal text-based about a dreamy sushi-making service. It's my first game as a solo dev.
Play it at
#gamedev #indiedev #pixelart #ドット絵

I made myself a new and improved timelapse capture script today in , so I should be up and running for and timelapses on my new laptop soon!

#1yrago Poor Detroit neighborhoods, abandoned by telcos and the FCC, are rolling out homebrew, community mesh broadband

After making that map, I decided the birches in my game should be orange and shaded, as the silhouettes weren't birch-y enough. An extra layer or two of leaf tiles on top of the base tree works.

Bonus: free parallax/depth!

I hadn't actually planned to draw the parents so old, they just kind of came out that way. Maybe I will try again for more middle-aged looking folks, since the player character is supposed to be a kid.

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