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@FuchsiaShock Gosh that's so good. Really makes me calling it "cybercentrism" in a recent blog post look like utter garbage...

Many thanks to whoever bought a print of Apollo 11 on Displate a few days ago!

@aphyr @dumpsterqueer Indeed, nearly collapsed as well early on, I think while deciding on their CoC. I'm a member but not really active there so I'm not really sure what the issues were.

@dumpsterqueer There are at least a couple of instances that are nominally owned by their users, and have some kind of system in place for managing moderation collectively/democratically rather than leaving it in the hands of a single admin e.g.

If there were more instances like that maybe they would be inclined to develop systems for handling inter-instance issues as well.

Just realised reddit initially shows a reduced comment count on posts so they can show it incrementing in "real time". In fact I think they might do the same with karma. Cheeky

Ah, the first instance of typing 2020 instead of 2021 has occurred. Truly the new year has arrived 😌

My 12th and final piece of 2020 is... still a WIP 😅

Thanks to everybody who supported me during this hell year, and to everybody who shared their own wonderful art! My goal for next year is to be EVEN MORE consistent at producing pieces and making progress. Shouldn't be hard considering I was not very consistent 😂

Happy New Year!

Happy Christmas lovely people! Here's a wreath I painted a few years ago, and wreath I made today!

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