isolating zoom on linux (easy) 

Why did I buy Hyper Light Drifter again on the switch, it is still too hard for me

Thought I was making progress but my project is suddenly back to crashing when I build it 😭

Sure is a lot of coronahoax 5G bullshit being shared on FB today.

@jk Ah I knew I recognised you from somewhere. Hello! πŸ‘‹

@erkin That would stop me from becoming curious every few years and switching between them πŸ€”

Very not sure if Microsoft's visual GUI design tools are worth the hassle right now after an awful merge that ruined everything

covid-19 lockdown related 

@jk I heard they ran out of magnets and had to be bailed out

@ajeremias It's an expertly crafted test of my patience. But I fixed it! I don't know how, but I did!

Somehow have messed up a .Net project in such a way that it shows no errors, but hangs Visual Studio when built

I forgot about the virus for like half an hour today, it was nice

Picard, slavery 

@raspberrybird and gamejolt are the two main ones I use. Newgrounds sometimes as well.

Coronavirus lockdown 

@rick_777 I was thinking of adding a visible locking mechanism from one side into the tab of the other... but no, no reason really except a line straight down looked boring πŸ˜„

I wrote a little bit about designing a micropython API around modifying classes at runtime in order to reduce memory usage

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