@DavitMasia In a few of those iterations he looks like he has an enormous head compared to the other characters

I think I might work on a new art portfolio site today. Y'know, instead of working on any of my many in-progress projects.

I just renamed the Hg projects and recreated them as git ones. No biggie. I am gone from bitbucket otherwise though.

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It seems bitbucket did not delete all Hg repos on the 1st as threatened.

I only had a couple left there belonging to a particular client, and I would leave them there as git repos, but, bafflingly, they haven't even provided any way to switch the version control system of a project so that that I can push my locally converted repos

@Curator I've always hated that name, I can't believe I never thought to call it Gnu IMP before now

irish politics, abortion, religious zealots 

@oakreef They're already at it in the comments of that article πŸ˜…

@Gargron This got me reading about Mitsubishi because I thought it was similar, but apparently Mitsubishi is not a single company, but a group of companies that all own each other, with no single parent. TIL

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