It is quite hard to find stuff again on if you haven't bookmarked it

@fitheach Looks nice to me. Would probably work best in an otherwise fairly plain room

@Dashtop No it's definitely not, but it's fun! It's in addition to my blog, not a replacement for it (and I'm sure not many are discovering my blog anyway, so... 🤷‍♂️ )

Actually, available now, but only temporarily because I haven't daemonized the server yet 😂

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I installed Xubuntu on my old MacBook Pro, but unfortunately it reduced the battery life significantly. I am impressed with Xubuntu though, so I'm still not sure if I'm going to keep it or not.

Served my first files today (only on my LAN for now though)

@deerbard I must say I assumed when I first saw it that you could somehow choose the colours and icons, but as you say they are just randomised. I like it well enough anyway. Not being able to customise the style in detail is definitely not ideal though, it only has a small selection of preset themes. I will check out Kristall as well, thanks for the rec

@soaku Yeah I love it! It's so simple yet effective. I must try Amfora as well for when I'm on the command line

@devurandom Yeah totally. It's kinda cool that people kept it alive and it has a lot of appeal for me, but I like the look of what gemini is doing now

@devurandom Wow just checked it out and it is really brilliant! This is really selling me on tbh. I had been planning on publishing a phlog but now I'm thinking maybe a gemlog with a phlog as an afterthought...

@jk I thought minidiscs were so cool, I thought they were the future, I had a hi-fi and a portable player... but apparently I was the only one 😂

@maxeddy Yeah seriously, just get up at the same time you would for your commute and go sit alone somewhere doing your commute stuff, if that's what you're into! I spend that time sleeping, personally.

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