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ISHI 💎 Eternal Companion it's an existential pet rock sim and it's my first solo submission for a game jam
Play it here: (careful if you're feeling down, game's kinda heavy)
#pixelart #gamedev #ldjam43

:make_like_edmonia: I will close again tomorrow night (in ~24hrs) to monitor y/our server. Invite link requests can always be made by active & supportive artists as well as by $upporting the running of y/our :mastoart: home keeping it from :mastodon_oops:

I had heard rumours of that theme, but I've never had to rely on it so far!

RT periodic reminder that every browser is forever cursed to contain the string "NETSCAPE2.0" to properly parse the defacto gif spec (indicates looping animated gifs)

Probably the last to know, but there sure are a lot of nice Inkscape tutorials on this page:

#inkscape #tutorial #video

@ted Love his tutes, I never really "got" how to work with vectors before I found his stuff.

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