>> I hate that SEPTember OCTOber NOVember and DECember aren’t the 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th months.

> Whoever fucked this up should be stabbed


Really struggled to get the SSL working for this. Every example I found of how to do it in Twisted was different and none of them worked as advertised

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Serving a little gemtext using Twisted in . It's going to serve as the dev server for the static site generator I'm adapting.

something i have never understood about traditional journalism is why it is so fucking impossible for them to LINK to the ORIGINAL THING that the article is about.

In a rush to titillate and shock a perceived liberal and middle-class readership, in the lead up to the 2016, the mass media rushed to cover with glee the emerging Alt-Right - everything from the meaning of the Pepe the Frog meme to 'fashy haircuts.'

[:tw: tweets.newsbots.eu/IGD_News/st#bot]

@jalcine Do you think there are any technologies that have such a concept of politics? If not what do you think they would look like?

Since the start of this century, small and mid-sized towns have courted big box stores, using tax revenues to fund expensive road, sewer and electric expansions to lure large corporate chains to town.

These companies promised jobs and tax revenues, and, *technically* speaking, they delivered both, but only if you do some very funny math. National chains pay little or no federal income tax, and often secure state tax abatements.


@feoh sounds like you really tolchocked yourself in the yarbles there mate, or some other common saying to that effect

@Stoori @olivia There are so many nice ways to cook potatoes, boiled would be the bottom of my list. They're still alright with the appropriate seasoning though 😂

« Farmers in less dangerous re-populated “yellow” and “blue zones”, still hit shells every year, exploding their tractors and narrowly escaping death by the remains of a hundred year old war. In Verdun, there are road signs to indicate a dumping grounds for farmers to leave the shells they’ve plowed up on their land to be collected by authorities. »

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I do remember the first time I used a CD-ROM. My dad got a Macintosh Performa from work that came with the terrible "multimedia" games "The Daedalus Encounter" and "Inbred with Rednex", as well as the really good game "Myst", all on shiny discs! That was an exciting day.


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It seems weird that I can't remember the first time I used WiFi. You would think that would be memorable for somebody who grew up with only cabled networks.


1. She is cool and fun. Witches and I maintain an uneasy truce.

2. Not that I'm aware of 🤖

3. Not that I'm aware of... :artsweats:

Even if I am, unknowingly, a bot, I am definitely not a fash.

@welshpixie Oh yeah here's another one I came across:


Again, I haven't tried it, but it claims that there is no coding required.

@welshpixie Construct3 has visual scripting - haven't used it myself so I can't comment on how the experience is.


Godot also has visual scripting, and I have tried it, but it is basically the same as regular programming imo. A lot of working in Godot is putting together "nodes" that do what you want so you can do a surprising amount without writing code, but hard to avoid logic when it comes to making games really...


@principito I hope they get together and start their own magazine as a co-op

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