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Haven't had a chance to do much on this, just flipped the deck highlights around and added some additional decorations. Oh and a stairs!

Auto-tile is pretty great. I added some Sci-Fi Bullshit™, but I think I need to add some drifts of Martian dust and stuff, it is very clean. Also I just realised the highlights on the deck plates are upside-down 😭

Mars has shadows and debris and shtuff now. Now I'm working on adding raised platforms.

Probably going to take a break for a bit though, so don't join my stream, it's over, you missed it!

@pinkprius maybe it's a version of you from a future timeline that is somehow overlapping the present

Seems like this is the most visually interesting thing I've produced in a while - example normals for a 3/4 perspective game baked in . Hopefully I can figure out how to actually put them to good use in soon!

@daniel_bohrer And all that paranoia because you changed the selection or toggled a layer visibility or something insignificant 😂

the game of thrones theme but it's only the first 4 notes slightly out of tune for 41 seconds - Rudy Ayoub

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