from the bird cage, win11 feature that was available for years on Linux 

@technicallypossible Listen, I'd be happy never finding out if I'm being honest 🤣

from the bird cage, win11 feature that was available for years on Linux 

@technicallypossible Has it got tabbed explorer windows yet?

I know I've been quiet lately, for a number of reasons which I don't want to get into. Here's part of a background that I've been working on for a game as proof of life.

What other services did you go to (and would you recommend them)?

@georgia I think it's more widely supported, but how much that matters depends on your situation I guess

In the first section of the ad a guy types "communism is evil" out loud and his account is immediately suspended. Even in the socialist bubble I undoubtedly live in online, I see that sentiment expressed every single day.

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I'm getting conservative Canadian ads on YouTube today for some reason. Bizarre

@June oh fun I will definitely want to check that out! do you have a twitch channel already?

@human_equivalent @June I can see an argument that they were being realistic about certain aspects of society rather than pretending that everything was suddenly perfect for everybody. But then the premise of the show is already pretending that things were better for women, so there's a pretty weird disconnect there I feel.

Regarding Gordo - yeah as I remember it Ed basically just tells him to snap out of it, be a man etc. and he does, successfully. Interesting arc but terrible resolution

@QuLyo You can call it what you like, but how Americans feel about it doesn't really change its intent.

@June lol hate watched is right! oh they shot that guy in cold blood and they're still the good guys? right on 🙄

@June yeah I liked it on the surface level of seeing space exploration being done. It got even worse in season 2 if you made it that far! And also the dealt with mental health issues was just awful...

The TV show "For All Mankind" also did this weird thing where they had a fictional Soviet moon landing featuring a real male cosmonaut, and then a second one with a fictional female cosmonaut.

The actual first woman in space, Valentina Tereshkova, wasn't mentioned until the second season - her accomplishment erased by a show that's ostensibly about women's empowerment.

Such a gross weird piece of American propaganda

Somebody said to me yesterday that "The Shape of Water" was full of "political correctness" but that "Parasite" had "no message", and I just find that fascinating.

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