I changed the thing you collect at the start of my game to gems! I probably won't keep them because they are a bit generic, but they stand out a bit better than the bubbles.

How is a Philip K Dick novel like a super burrito?

Both are awesome and both completely fall apart when you get close to the end.

4k made in JWildfire.

I have a new CPU and rendering these is nice and fast now. I'm going to try 8k next! UBERFRACTAL

I started on a title screen for my game yesterday. I think the text is quite pretty. Definitely a step up from the title screen of my last game

@Fenreliania Yeah it's really weird that stuff goes under custom constants.

Probably the main issues I had were values appearing to be applied but then resetting after editing something else, and things not being sized or positioned as I expected (in my naivety I'm sure). But I'm sure the former is just a bug, and once I got used to how things worked the latter mostly went away :P

Also planning to start doing short process timelapse gifs of my art as well as my full timelapses. Here's an excerpt from the piece I am currently working on. What do you think?

Worked on the girl some today. This piece is taking a lot longer than I expected! I feel like it's starting to come together though.

@Fenreliania I do like Godot's UI stuff in principle, but there have been a few times I have found it quite frustrating as well! Great job with this anyway, I love the aesthetic and the palette swapping is very effective.

Just added menus to CGA Hell, this has got to be the first time I've made a proper menu for one of my games. Godot's UI stuff is nice to work with. #gamedev #GodotEngine

@mooncube No bother at all, gave me a good reason to look at your recent posts!

Not sure if this is a warning for me or a threat to any other wasps in the area... πŸ€”

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