Ahhh I started something for but I'm not going to get it finished. Enjoy this ghostly pink Vostok 1 outline and the crude render it's based on I guess

Many thanks to whoever bought a print of "Apollo 11" on Displate yesterday! There's an Easter sale on over there this weekend, 22% off with the code EASTER or 33% if you buy 3 or more.


Since everybody's all about supporting artists at the moment I decided to create a Liberapay account. Almost all of my artwork is available under a Creative Commons license, and I will not be minting any NFTs.

Anything you want to donate is much appreciated, and if you can't or don't want to I hope you enjoy my art anyway, no pressure 😄


Thanks to all who voted in my poll! I'm unsurprised by the preference for Liberapay on Mastodon, but I didn't expect it to be favoured overall tbh. Results from both platforms:

13.3% Patreon
20% Liberapay
13.3% Either
53.3% Nah

Guess I gotta decide what to do with this info now 🤣

Many thanks to whoever bought a large print of Apollo 11 on Displate on Monday! I hope it looks good on your wall

Many thanks to whoever bought a print of Apollo 11 on Displate a few days ago!

My 12th and final piece of 2020 is... still a WIP 😅

Thanks to everybody who supported me during this hell year, and to everybody who shared their own wonderful art! My goal for next year is to be EVEN MORE consistent at producing pieces and making progress. Shouldn't be hard considering I was not very consistent 😂

Happy New Year!

Happy Christmas lovely people! Here's a wreath I painted a few years ago, and wreath I made today!

Go raibh míle maith agat whoever bought a James Connolly print on Displate a couple of days ago! I hope he looks good on yer wall!

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