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Pictured: some of my favourites


Wherein I do a swear, but also fanart of the TV show Peaky Blinders 

I did some sketches today with varying degrees of success. Not sure whether "Fat Monet" counts as a success or a failure, but I kinda like him anyway.

Timelapse for the "Balloon Rider" animation I uploaded last week. I made this a good while back, before I had learned not to jump around so much, so, sorry about that 😬


results for People Poker. Not bad I think! Thanks to everybody who played and rated, I should have a post-jam version ready to release soon!

Added a new way to die and/or make progress - people dropping stuff on you. It will come into play once you've already rescued a few people

Pixel art nudity, suggestive comment 

I changed the way the tentacles work so that there is a possibility to dodge them, and I also added back in the roll that I had originally intended to include. It's a lot easier now I think.

I guess maybe my account on peertube.social was removed for being "commercial content"?

Anyway, I have a new account now! My "People Poker" timelapse is up there if you prefer Peertube over YouTube, and if you want to engage in commerce with me because of it that'd be just swell 🤑


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