Green is also super sciencey, but there might be too much science going on here

Not sure the science behind how this vessel operates, but pink is definitely a super sciencey colour

Streaming some and now - adding "enemies" today (just things you can collide with accidentally, they're not OUT TO GET YOU don't be so NEGATIVE)

I think I've found a way to do the sky that I'm happy with. I tried clouds but they were too cartoony.

Redid the city background, but I didn't get to the sky yet. Not sure I like the regularity of the building lights on the far left there...

Trial & error to the rescue. This is more or less how it is supposed to work, aside from all the debugging crap.

Streaming some more Jetboy Packman (working title) development for a couple of hours. Let's fix this mess!

(Edited for stream link, cos I am a dumb)

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