Haven't had a chance to do much on this, just flipped the deck highlights around and added some additional decorations. Oh and a stairs!

Auto-tile is pretty great. I added some Sci-Fi Bullshit™, but I think I need to add some drifts of Martian dust and stuff, it is very clean. Also I just realised the highlights on the deck plates are upside-down 😭

Mars has shadows and debris and shtuff now. Now I'm working on adding raised platforms.

Probably going to take a break for a bit though, so don't join my stream, it's over, you missed it!

Seems like this is the most visually interesting thing I've produced in a while - example normals for a 3/4 perspective game baked in . Hopefully I can figure out how to actually put them to good use in soon!

This is how the surface water reflection shader turned out. The edges of the "puddles" are unmarked, so the reflection just kind of stops. I'm not sure it works, and I'm not sure how to draw visible puddles...

Nowhere for shy bunnies to hide thanks to my occlusion shader.

This one has a lot of moving parts on different layers, I feel like there must be a better way to do it.

Streaming again - hopefully putting the final touches on this shadow shader, and then I might try one for reflections in shallow water like puddles


Experimenting with shaders in today, including this bun shader and probably some bun reflectors as well


Just discovered modular synths! This seems like a lot just to play a chord and it doesn't sound very good, but I'm looking forward to seeing what I can make with it

Added some UI with an altitude as a score, and emergency boosts to allow you to recover from mistakes. Probably won't use that sprite for the boosts though...

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