Whipped out the ol' Mac mini and installed on it. No GPU though unfortunately, and apparently the GPU on my laptop isn't supported either.

I finally started doing some writing for my game . I was never sure how to approach it before, so I just started doing it like a screenplay, and it's a lot of fun!

I still don't know how to come up with names though 😬 What kind of names will the space robot workers of the future have?

I'm actually thinking something like this for the main character. Aren't they adorbs?

Prints based on my recent animation are now available on Displate:


Currently 15% off with the code FLASH, but not for much longer!

Streaming some art for a while. I'm working on an implausible 70's home computer setup plus a curious kitty


Remember summer? Or, if you're in the Southern hemisphere, how are you enjoying your summer? 😛

InPRNT: 15% off and free shipping with the code THANKFUL. Use the code IVCBJG as well for an extra 10% off.

They do art prints, including framed and acrylic mounted, and canvas prints. I recently added a bunch of my traditional art here, as well as several pixel art designs that aren't available elsewhere.


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Displate print metal posters exclusively, and plant a tree for every one sold. A good option if you are after wall art.

Buy 1-2 Posters get 33% OFF, 3-4 get 37% OFF, 5+ get 41% OFF

Use the code BLACK at checkout


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RedBubble have up to 60% off with the code CYBERDEALS. They print on all sorts, including apparel, homewares, and wall art.


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I'm not a big fan of , but if you want to support my creative work, or have been undecided about buying a print, now is a good time because there are deals everywhere.

I'll post all the options in a thread here sure...

Self-promotion of pixel art prints 

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