I've changed my mind about Pop! OS, it was nice for a while but I'm having loads of annoying issues with it recently

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@pixelkeen oh all sorts, mostly just little nuisances. The biggest issue was that all my VMs started bluescreening after a kernel update (took a while to figure out the cause)

@hyperlinkyourheart damn. Which hypervisor are you using? I haven't had any issues with QEMU/KVM through virt-manager or any updates in general. Keeping my fingers crossed going forward! Sorry you're having so much trouble! Hope you can sort it or migrate easily.

@pixelkeen KVM through VirtualBox. It was VirtualBox was the problem, not the hypervisor.

I probably won't migrate again any time soon because the rest of the problems are just annoying rather than preventing me from working, so not worth the effort!

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